Rescuers close the cat meat restaurant and slaughterhouse and save 19 cats and 5 dogs

Millions of cats and dogs are slaughtered across Southeast Asia every year, but animal rights groups have worked hard to stop the barbaric trade in dog and cat meat. And groups like Four Paws are progressing every step of the way.

In 2019, Four Paws, an international organization committed to saving animals from cruelty, launched an investigation into the cat and dog meat trade in Vietnam. Research has shown that 5 million animals, 1 million of which are cats, are slaughtered for a profitable business. Dog meat can sell for $ 7-11 a kilo. Cat meat is far more expensive at over $ 13 a kilo as it is considered a delicacy in Vietnam.

“Every year, millions of dogs and cats – both healthy and sick, possessed and stray – are forcibly captured from the streets of Vietnam, crammed into tiny cages and transported across the country in an uncontrolled manner, often traveling for days,” reports Dr. Katherine Polak, Veterinarian and Head of Four Paws Stray Animal Care in Southeast Asia.

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Not only are these practices cruel, but they also cause disturbingly blatant health injuries that can lead to the onset of diseases that can spread between humans and animals. Cases of rabies and cholera have already been reported.

“If Vietnam is really serious about protecting public health and fulfilling its commitment to ending rabies in the country, the government must end the dog and cat meat trade for good,” said Dr. Polak.

Hard work and changed attitudes

Four Paws, which works with Change for Animals Foundation, Hanoi Pet Rescue, Paws for Compassion and Vietnam Cat Welfare, has won a victory against this cruelty trade – called Cat Meat Capital – by closing a productive cat meat restaurant and slaughterhouse in Thai Binh. “

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The restaurant serves over 240 cat meat dishes per month. But not long ago, “the restaurant owners, a Vietnamese couple, expressed their desperation to quit trading because they no longer wanted to kill animals,” said Four Paws.

The groups rescued 20 cats and 5 dogs from the slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, one cat died after being rescued, but the other 19 were housed in the Four Paws Bear Sanctuary in Vietnam. Once the cats and dogs are strong and healthy, they are taken into loving homes where they will never be exposed to such horrors again.

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As for the restaurant, Four Paws has helped the owners convert their business into a used motorcycle shop, with their consent never to trade in cat and dog meat again.

The fight goes on

In January 2020, Vietnamese laws protecting cats from slaughter and consumption were repealed, while dog protection laws remained in effect. Cat meat is therefore in great demand. When stray sources fail to meet demand, these cruel butchers steal family cats and dogs. Such actions cannot be endured and thanks to groups like Four Paws and other welfare coalitions like DMFI (Dog Meat Free Indonesia) and ACPA (Asia Canine Protection Alliance) things are changing.

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“Through education and cooperation with the relevant authorities and tourism associations, governments should be asked to introduce and enforce laws that prohibit the trade in dog and cat meat for the protection of animals and public health,” explains Dr. Karanvir Kukreja, veterinarian and project manager for the Four Paws international campaign.

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“This closure shows that times are changing in Vietnam, as more and more pet owners and young people in Vietnam speak out against the trade and even restaurant owners themselves no longer want to participate.”

What you can do

A million people, including 200,000 Vietnamese citizens, have already signed a petition calling for an end to the cruel trade in dog and cat meat. But the animals still need help and you can help them give it. Click here to sign the petition to stop the slaughter!

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