Rescued tabby kittens love to get kisses from Foster Mama Dog

The tabby kittens Gilligan and Milli were found on the street without their mother.

But these little darlings grew up strong and healthy thanks to the care of an unlikely foster mother who loved them dearly!

At just three weeks old, kittens need constant care and the warmth and protection of their mother. Without them, kittens on the street often don’t have the chance to live the pampered and happy lives they deserve. But thanks to rescue and nursing magic, abandoned kittens get their shot in life.

Gilligan and Milli are good examples of what kindness can do thanks to their human foster mother and foster mother, Kona.

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love at first sight

Kona and her mother Asa had taken a break from caring for kittens and when the time came to care for the kittens again Branch of the animal care centers in Manhattan had just taken Gilligan and Milli into their care. As a volunteer at MACC, Asa couldn’t resist the adorable tabby duo.

Kona immediately fell in love with Gilligan and Milli. And it seemed as if the kittens felt the same when they walked straight to the caring dog mom. Asa told LoveMeow, “It was love at first sight on both ends.”

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While the 7 year old Kona puppy’s birthdays were long gone, maternal instincts stayed with her forever and she was so happy to have babies who needed her love. Asa said, “I think it’s safe to say that Kona loves most of our little houseguests.”

For Mama Kona and the kittens, it was non-stop naps, cuddles, and kisses. Both kittens love their foster mom, but Milli makes sure to stay by Kona’s side as she “grew up as big as Kona’s girl”.

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Kona has developed a new way of caring for these foster kittens. “Kona has always been a great mom for caring for kittens, but these two are the first to ever carry her. She carries them to her bed to give them all the kisses in the world. “

Who could blame her, these tabbies are too much cuteness!

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Foster Fail is the same forever

Kona and Asa first met when Kona came to her as a foster dog with three pups. The pups grew and went home forever, but Kona has always been home. Asa knew that the infatuated mother dog should stay. “She came to me as a caregiver and eventually became a ‘nursing mistake’.”

And together, Kona and her mother give kittens the chance of a life they deserve!

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