Rescue fights to keep neglected French Bulldog puppies in the United States

Dogs cannot speak for themselves, so it is important that people speak on their behalf. For 20 neglected dogs at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, they might not be alive today if many friendly people weren’t supported. The group of defenseless puppies was illegally shipped to the United States. Of course, animal organizations worked continually to save them, but the CDC resisted. For days it was unclear whether these pups would be sent back into sudden death or whether they would get a second chance in life. Fortunately, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue went out of their way to achieve a happy ending.

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Jordan 15

20 innocent dogs arrived at O’Hare International Airport in dire conditions. There were 16 French Bulldog pups and four large breed pups. The dogs had been shipped from Russia to the USA. When they arrived they had no food or water and were covered in feces. Each dog was pushed into a small box with another dog to save space. The scene was heartbreaking.

When the pups were found, one of the French bulldogs did not survive. Unfortunately, it was clear that these dogs had been neglected for days. Alliance Ground International, which operates the warehouse where the pups were found, received two quotes for neglecting animals. One was for 17 cases of animal neglect and the other was for neglect that could have caused death to a dog.

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Chicago French Bulldog Rescue took in the 15 surviving French Bulldog pups (also known as Jordan 15), while Chicago Animal Care and Control took in the four large dogs. The horror wasn’t over, however. Royal Jordanian Air, the company that shipped the dogs to the US, and the CDC fought to stop the rescue workers from rescuing the dogs. The main reason was that the pups did not have the medical records required for entry.

Save the Puppies!

The dogs were quarantined according to CDC instructions, but that wasn’t the end. The CDC ordered the puppies to be sent back to where they came from, which meant they were taken to the same camp on the same airline. The people who sent the pups to America likely forged signatures to have the pups shipped under these conditions. If the pups were brought back, they would likely just be euthanized.

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Although the rescue was told the pups would be returning, they still did not give up. Instead, they asked their Facebook followers for help. Thousands of people donated money to care for these dogs, signed petitions, and sent letters to government officials asking for a change.

“The saving of the lives of these pups was accomplished through the small and large acts of literally over 100,000 people,” said Mary Scheffke of Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. “We must now use the momentum to repair the broken system and bring about permanent changes.”

It may seem like a miracle, but these pups are safe now! With so many animal lovers, anything is possible. Of course, the pups still have a long way to go in recovery, but at least they are in a safe place with people who really care.

Image: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Facebook

When will the puppies be adoptable?

Rescue gets one more question than any other: When will the pups be adoptable? In fact, they encourage people to stop asking. After all, these pups are still a long way from their eternal home.

Once the French Bulldog pups are no longer quarantined, they will be sent to foster homes. Volunteers have already signed up to support the puppies. Additionally, the rescue has received hundreds of requests to adopt them, despite the fact that there are plenty of other French Bulldogs out looking for homes. Rescue urges people to be patient and wait for rescue to personally make an announcement of the puppies’ adoptions.

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Chicago French Bulldog Rescue prides itself on their adoption routines. They can be difficult to say goodbye to as they have many demands on potential users. This is because they want to make sure that every dog ​​finds a perfect home. Mainly because French Bulldogs are in great demand, they want to make sure that the puppy’s family is looking for their perfect match, and not just a puppy at a cheaper price.

If you are interested in adopting a French Bulldog puppy, be sure to check out the other adoptable dogs first. People are often drawn to puppies’ cute faces, but adult dogs are usually much easier to groom. Also, if you can, consider donating to this dedicated dog rescue service.

Image: Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Facebook

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