Press release: EU countries support EU biodiversity strategy 2030

Brussels – October 23, 2020
To the press – for immediate publication

Today heads of state and government from across the EU adopted the EU strategy for the conservation of biodiversity. The strategy that the EU Commission presented in May of this year is an essential part of the EU Green Deal.

The strategy aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on a path of recovery that benefits people, the climate and the planet by 2030. It is also the proposal for the EU contribution to the upcoming international negotiations on the global framework for biodiversity after 2020.

The Commission estimates that at least € 20 billion / year will be required to achieve the strategy’s objectives, which include reducing pesticides and placing more land under environmental protection.

Justine Guiny, International Biodiversity Officer at BirdLife Europe:
This confirmation could not have come at a more significant time. The members of the EU Parliament are currently watering down the environmental goals in one of the largest policy areas of the EU, the common agricultural policy. With the approval of this strategy, many of the requirements that Parliament is trying to remove, such as reducing the use of pesticides and making 10% of arable land available for nature, can still be implemented. With this support, saving nature and our society, which depends on it, is no longer a “Brussels” project. Now is the time for national governments to translate action into words. “

Raphael Weyland, NABU / BirdLife Germany:
We now expect the Commission to use its full powers to avert the collapse of our life support system. We need a bold legislative proposal to restore nature, an effective EU budget allocation and recovery plan, and an urgent rethinking of the CAP, which is killing nature.


Information on the Environment Council and the Council’s conclusions are available here:

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