Pregnant cats wandering the streets together decide to raise their kittens as one big family

Two tied cats found pregnant outdoors raise their kittens together.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Pickle and Olive, two tabby cats, were brought to Nashville Cat Rescue for a better life. They had been found in a cat colony in the greater Nashville area, and they were both expecting at the same time.

“The family who worked for this colony found the girls to be friendly and both pregnant. When they turned to rescue they had a request – that the girls stay together even when it was time for their adoption. “Kiki, a Nashville Cat Rescue volunteer caregiver, told Love Meow.

The tabbies were inseparable from the start. Although they were a little shy at first, the best friend around gave them a sense of comfort and helped them adapt to the new surroundings.

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Nashville Cat Rescue

“It was clear that the girls loved each other and felt safe together. I spent as much time with them as possible while still respecting their space requirements,” shared Kiki Love Meow.

“When babies came, I wanted to make sure they were comfortable with me helping out when needed or just doing simple chores like weighing the kittens every day.”

Nashville Cat Rescue

Slowly but surely, the two cat sisters warmed up with their foster mother. Pickle, the more approachable of the two, began to have the idea of ​​being petted. When she noticed that head scratches felt great and that her human meant well, her behavior quickly rubbed off on Olive.

“If I petted Pickle, Olive would come in for some love.”

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Nashville Cat Rescue

A few weeks later, Pickle went into labor and gave birth to a litter of six (where five survived). “While Pickle did the mommy’s things, Olive was still trying to touch her in the playpen.”

Olive became Pickle’s greatest cheerleader and a pillar of strength when she kept purring in her ears and showering them with cuddles.

Nashville Cat Rescue

“After about a week I kept seeing Olive hanging out in the playpen with the babies. She started looking after them like they were her own and, interestingly, got a little protective of them when I tried to complain about them.”

A few days later, Kiki came into the foster room to find a tiny new face among the others – Olive had just had her first kitten.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Check out Pickle, Olive and their kittens in this cute video:

Best cat friends and their kittens

She gave birth to another 24 hours later, but the small litter size and the unusual length of time between kittens was a cause for concern.

“I took her to the vet to make sure everything was okay. She had to do an emergency caesarean section which ultimately saved her life.”

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Nashville Cat Rescue

Both mothers unfortunately lost their own baby, but won a new litter from each other. You pull all the kittens together as a team and the little ones get twice as much maternal love.

Whenever one of the mothers needs a break, the other watches over all of the babies.

Nashville Cat Rescue

“Pickle and Olive are such a delight to see and their kittens are undoubtedly cute. They swap babies and look after each other like they were their own,” Kiki shared with Love Meow.

The kittens are now 2-3 weeks old and have formed a fine-grained powder. They sleep in a lovely cuddly puddle that is hugged by their mothers.

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Nashville Cat Rescue

As the kittens get more active and curious, they’ll explore their playpen. Mama Pickle and Olive are always around making sure they’re safe.

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Nashville Cat Rescue

“Pickle has five girls and Olive has two little boys. I call them cousin-sisters and cousin-brothers. They grow so much every day, and Pickle and Olive have become more and more trusting.”

Nashville Cat Rescue

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