Places to fish without a license

When you acquire a fishing license, you are helping to conserve and protect your state’s fish and wildlife resources. The income from the acquisition of recreational licenses often fund government conservation programs, resource management, research, and education programs.

When looking for places to fish without a license, be prepared to do a little research. A good place to start is your state fish and wildlife agency’s website, which also has information about the license types, regulations, and any exemptions available. Some states do not require fishing licenses in their state parks, but this varies by location. Therefore, it is important to always check the laws and regulations first.

During National Fishing and Boating Week, all states offer free fishing days that allow anglers to fish in public waters without a license. The data vary depending on the state. You can therefore see the new free fishing dates for 2019 on our website.

Visiting places to fish without a license is a great way to introduce non-fishing friends to the sport without committing to a license purchase in advance. If you want to be an avid angler who fishes frequently, it is best to purchase a long term license (even a lifetime license!). You don’t have to figure out where to fish or refresh without a license every time you want to land on the water.

If you’re still interested in finding places to fish without a license, you can also book a local fishing guide. Guides are licensed to cover their clients and they are professionals who know when, where and how to find the fish.

The overall recommendation is to worry less about where to fish without a license by getting your recreational fishing license today!


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