Pint size kitten “Glowing Up” in beautiful Siamese after being brought back to life

A little kitten came back amazingly and became a beautiful cat with the help of her rescuer.

Amber Spencer wasp the kitten

Amber Spencer, a Perth Rescue Angels carer, was at the vet to say goodbye to her beloved 20-year-old foster cat, Nancy, when she learned of a litter of kittens in desperate need of help.

“My cute girl Nancy is the only reason I met her that day. I decided to take her,” shared Amber Love Meow. “The kittens came from a less than ideal home through one of our local rangers.”

Among the surviving kittens, Wasp, a Siamese mix, was the smallest of the group. She was severely dehydrated, anemic, and emaciated. Despite all the odds against her, she held on with all her might.

Amber Spencer

At six weeks old, Wasp was only the size of a weeklong kitten. “When they arrived, Wasp was the smallest, weighing 120 grams, and the largest was her brother, weighing 220 grams.”

Amber fed her supportive care every hour and was determined to bring her back to health. It was Touch and Go from the start, despite the careful care of her foster mother.

Wasp the kitten and her sibling Amber Spencer

“Three days after picking her up, I spent the whole day at our veterinary clinic stabilizing and monitoring her with the help of the fantastic team at Best Friends Family Vet,” Amber told Love Meow.

Wasp has had a tough time making profits due to a variety of health problems. It became clear that she would need personal intensive care. The little warrior kept trying to get better with every ounce of strength she had.

Amber Spencer

Amber cheered her on each time she was fed and showered her with all the cuddles she could possibly take care of. She didn’t know if the kitten would get away, but she saw the fight in her eyes and knew Wasp wanted to live.

“The first time I really realized she was going to be fine was when I looked at her one morning and it just hit me by how much she had filled her face and body. She just looked like one different kitten, “Amber shared with love Miau.

Wasp the kitten began to thrive, Amber Spencer

As soon as Wasp got some energy in her feet, she began exploring and even trying to walk around her pen with her bigger siblings.

“She was always the first to greet me and do her quiet little meows. She just had so much personality and I was really in awe of her.”

Amber Spencer transforms into a healthy, happy kitten

As the Wasp grew, her affection for her humans increased. Whenever Amber entered the room, the cute kitten meowed to her foster mother to cuddle. She was determined to get what she wanted.

After a long, triumphant journey, the wasp was finally big enough for the next chapter in life.

Amber Spencer

One day, Nicole, a veterinarian, was visiting the rescue by another volunteer when she noticed the little Siamese mix looking in her direction.

“She absolutely fell in love with Wasp and Wasp, and I knew there was no better home for her,” Amber told Love Meow.

Wasp the Siamese Mix in their Eternal Home Nicole

“Nicole built her a cat run and spoiled her. She sends me regular updates and teaches wasp tricks.”

The little kitten has grown into a beautiful young cat. Wasp now has four dog friends to snuggle with every day.

Kitten and her dog buddy Nicole

“She’s obsessed with her puppy friends and so happy.”

The glow! Nicole

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