People band together to save a dog

A heartfelt little story appeared in a New York Times (print) recently that you may have overlooked. It comes from a series of reports by journalists for the Times – in this case excerpts from reporter Dionne Searcey’s campaign trail, accompanied by a touching photo of her brother Rod Searcey. From the New York Times Spotlight:

During her coverage of the Nebraska election, Dionne Searcey, who covers politics for The Times, watched rallies and recorded the election crowd. On election day in Omaha, she saw a different kind of gathering and shared it on Instagram along with a photo of Rod Searcey, her brother.

With all the different opinions about the elections, there was a convergence on Highway 370 south of Omaha, where the city expands into suburbs. When political signs fluctuated on a nearby street corner, a small dog got into traffic and was loose, moving back and forth between speeding cars. Half a dozen people stopped their vehicles in the middle of the freeway and got out on foot. After about 15 minutes, the group surrounded the trembling white dog that had perched under a horse trailer. While a crowd was watching, a man named Joe crawled on his stomach under the trailer and grabbed the frightened, screeching animal. “See?” said a woman as she walked from the scene. “All of America doesn’t hate each other.”


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