Palm-sized kitten shows fighting spirit, determined to live the best of life after being found in Compactor

A tiny palm-sized kitten showed incredible fighting spirit after being found in a compactor.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

On time, a kitten was rescued from a trash compactor. Her mother cat was nowhere to be found and she was the only survivor of her litter. Her sheer will kept her alive and the tabby went through an incredible ordeal.

Without a nursing mother cat, the little singleton urgently needed care and bottle feeding around the clock. Amber, a Hear No Evil Australia volunteer caregiver, stepped forward to help immediately. At the time, she was looking after a family of five cats in which the four kittens were about the same age as the orphan.

“Singleton babies are much more comfortable with others,” said Amber. “She’s a sweetheart who, luckily, didn’t take long to find out that the bottle was good stuff.”

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

The kitten named Meg clung to her bottle and devoured the food like a champion. She loved being hand-raised by her foster mother and wiggled her ears in sheer bliss.

The mighty little cat showed an incredible fighting spirit right from the start and nothing could stop her.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

As soon as she had enough strength in her legs and could waddle around, she walked across the living room as if she had possessed it. When she fell, she got up quickly and honed her skills and perfect her gait.

“She was very proud of herself, and rightly so, because she learned how to run and did it so well,” said Amber.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

The little warrior kitten is very brave and adventurous. She was instantly intrigued by the local dog and walked right up to them for some attention and licking.

Meg will gently place her paw on her canine friend to ask her to keep washing and dabbing her face.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

To help the kitten socialize, Meg was introduced into the litter of four and three new younger kittens who were brought in as orphans.

Check out Meg the kitten in this cute video:

Meg the kitten – care trip

Meg didn’t hesitate to stroll over to her new friends and greet them with a few gentle pats on her back.

The tabby girl happily joined her large cuddly puddle and filled the room with purrs. Meg fit exactly into the powder and got on like a charm with everyone.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

Meg and her feline friends thrive in grooming. She now has a large blended family and dog buddy who will keep her company and give her the constant attention she needs.

She bears the resemblance to her foster siblings Rueben and Thelma. “Meg has short hair, Rueben has white socks and is fluffy, and Thelma has more of a more distant tabby pattern,” added Amber.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

The tabby girl is around 6-7 weeks old and is getting more playful and wild every day.

Meg, the little mischief maker, loves her VIP life with all the other kitties around her. She shows the boys the ropes and plans new antics with her colleagues.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

Meg still has some work to do before she is ready to find a home forever. From now on, the sweet tabby continues her adventure in her nursing home and lives life to the fullest.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

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