Over 90% of people would go out on a date if their dog didn’t like them

Be honest: are you spending your Valentine’s Day with the love of your life? The apple of your eye Your one and only?

If you can be compared to the people who took our recent survey, it likely means you are spending the day with your dog. We wanted to know how crazy people really are about their dogs and how much they love their dogs compared to their partners.

The results? Nuts! We were surprised at some of the responses, but not too surprised – this is iHeartDogs. We also love our dogs, and we love our partners, who know that the space right next to us on the couch is reserved for the dog.

Whether you’re a crazy dog ​​yourself, the partner of one, or just looking for a date, we have some insights that can get you to see them in new ways.

“Tell your dog that I said hello”

If you’re looking for love, consider taking more walks and selfies with your dog. 88% of respondents said they started a conversation or matched someone on an online dating site just because they had a dog. And you better believe that dogs are great wingmen – science has proven that dog owners are more likely to be social, and when you make friends and have a good time, you’re more likely to find that special someone.

In fact, having a dog can improve your chances even if you aren’t the slickest speaker or the cutest person in the room. 86% of people who responded to our survey said they were more likely to give a shot to someone they consider “less attractive” when they have a dog. You might not be a solid 10, but just having one dog can add a few points to your score.

Having a cute puppy might get you foot in the door, but if someone has to break a date because their dog is suddenly sick or just saying he can’t go out, you might get the cold shoulder. We found out that our dog lovers may not be the most honest: 52% of people said they used their dog as an excuse to cancel an appointment! In fact, you might want to skip trying to make special plans for Valentine’s Day because 83% said they would rather go on vacation with their dog than on a date.

However, there is still hope for you if you were hoping to take part in this cute, sweet Prix-Fixe-for-Two promotion at a local restaurant: 86.7% of people said their Valentine’s Day plans include their dogs, and 51.8% bought their dog a gift for the holiday. I hope your favorite restaurant has a nice, dog-friendly terrace. If you want to get your date flowers, make sure they are safe for your pup. However, don’t expect a back. 77.9% said they would rather buy a gift for their dog than for their partner.

You can expect it to be over if your dog doesn’t warm up to you. 95.2% of our dog-loving participants said they would drop a person if their dog didn’t like them. So if you run into someone who says their dog doesn’t like anyone, it could be over before it goes.

If you’re lonely and looking to adopt, consider these 5 breeds that science says will be more likely to get you on a date.

Just me and the dogs. Oh – and you.

If you and your puppy-loving partner manage to make it, you can assume that you will need to share your partner with their dogs. Like a lot. And expect your kisses to be glazed with a little dog drool. 95% of people said they kissed their dogs more than their partners, and 73.9% of those people kissed their dogs on the lips. If physical contact is not your love language and you prefer affirmative words, keep in mind that you are probably still in second place for “I love you”. 89.5% say “I love you” more to their dogs than to their significant other. They also finish second on their social media. 100% – that’s EVERYONE – said they take more photos of their dog than their partner.

This could be why our dogs think they’re number one in our lives – and if we’re honest, right? At best, it’s a tie. (Hint to friend: Sorry, honey. 🤷‍♀️) If your dog gets jealous when you show your partner the love and affection you have shown for him, it’s easy to see why. And your dog is not alone: 59.6% said that their dog has become jealous of their partner at some point. On the other side of that 39.4% of people said their partners were jealous of their dogs.

And let’s not pretend we don’t just love our dogs claiming us out because it’s pretty cute when a dog gets jealous – like this Chihuahua who insists on being daddy’s favorite!

Not so lonely a life

But for those who haven’t found love yet? You are not too worried about it. 83.7% said they could be happy to be single forever if they had their dog by their side. These dedicated dog lovers take their time and will not jump into a relationship with anyone. The perfect person will come around one day – and when they do they’ll love dogs too. 99.4% of people said that non-loving dogs are a deal breaker for them.

We totally understand. It’s not just that your true love should really love your dog. There are many good reasons to date a dog lover. Read all about it on 10 Reasons to Meet a Dog Lover.


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