Outdoor Month 2020: Plan Your Camping and Fishing Adventures

National Great Outdoors Month 2020 reminds us to practice responsible recreation this year as we explore our country’s waterways or plan a family camping trip to a nearby park. June is the perfect month to appreciate the benefits of spending time outdoors, especially making sure that you are responsible for how you go about it.

Use these helpful tips as you plan your responsible outdoor camping or fishing adventures:

  1. Plan your outdoor experiences in 2020 in nature closer to home this year. Avoid long drives to remote locations and be aware of how crowded certain campsites or boat ramps may be. Use the fishing spots and boat map to find new places near your home that you may not have visited before.
  2. With an upcoming camping or fishing vacation that you are planning on avoiding too many stops along the way by using a checklist to make sure you have enough food and equipment. Be sure to bring some disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizer for your family.
  3. Remember, many of our nation’s parks will be taking a gradual approach to reopening park areas during National Great Outdoors Month this year due to COVID-19. This applies to outdoor areas such as hiking trails, campsites, boat ramps, and picnic areas. Changes in parking operations are evaluated and adjusted for each parking lot. Always check with the park for details about their operation, including the campsites.
  4. Recycle, dispose of properly, and unpack garbage. Remember that conscientious, traceless campers and anglers always keep and leave clean camping and fishing spots.
  5. The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) provides additional resources and tools for responsible recreation during Great Outdoors Month 2020. This coalition of outdoor organizations describes how certain events have been adjusted to account for the effects of COVID-19 when we work together to economic, social and spiritual recovery.

If you are wondering about the history of National Great Outdoors Month, the Senate officially declared June 2019 Great Outdoors Month. Great Outdoors Week began in 1998 under President Clinton and has grown into a month-long festival of nature under the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. Schedule responsible participation as you experience the positive restorative benefits at a time when wellbeing is paramount.


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