Older dog tied to a rock and left to drown finds a loving home

Two women panicked when they saw Bella, the German Shepherd, struggling to stay afloat in a river. At first they thought it had fallen in or got stuck. But as it turned out, her leash was tied to a heavy rock and thrown into the water. A horrible person had deliberately tried to drown the puppy in ice cold water.

Fortunately, the good Samaritans arrived just in time. They pulled Bella out of the water and called for help. The Radcliffe Animal Center in Nottingham rushed to the scene and helped her heal. Now, over a year later, Bella gets her happy for the rest of her days.

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A near death experience

After further investigation, veterinarians found that the 10-year-old dog had many health concerns. It is unclear how many of them were involved in the drowning. But despite all the odds, dog lovers fought for Bella. Professionals say she would not be alive if Jane and Joanne, her saviors, were not there to help.

Bella was very underweight with many skin conditions. In addition, her pancreas was inflamed and her kidneys were not working properly. So it took about a year for the shelter to get her where she needed to be. With a lot of love and a healthy diet, she made it.

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“She looks like a different dog – her coat is beautiful and she looks so happy and full of life,” said Jane. “It is great to see how she was rehabilitated and that she will now spend the rest of her days in a loving home.”

The woman who deliberately harmed Bella has been found and pleaded guilty. She was given a 12-month collective injunction and fined approximately $ 450. She is also not allowed to own another dog for the next three years. However, many petitions have been filed to increase animal abuse penalties in England after Bella’s story went viral.

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Retired couple adopts Bella

After Bella has completed all of her necessary medical care, she sets out to be with her family forever. Maggie and Charlie were overjoyed to give the puppy a place to spend her final years. Her family has had several German Shepherds in the past. When they saw Bella’s story, they applied to adopt her.

“We know that she needs regular veterinary appointments and is willing to finance them. We know she’s older, but we just want to give her a loving home that she deserves after everything she’s been through, ”said Maggie. “We’re both retired so that our company will always have what it needs and it will be great for us too.”

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The couple have visited Bella regularly to help her bond with them before going home. The shelter staff also taught them how to take care of Bella’s complex needs.

Maggie and Charlie have the perfect home for Bella, especially since they have experience with their breed. They also have a safe yard which is ideal as Bella doesn’t like other dogs. Plus, they are patient and willing to give her as much love as possible.

Image: @ RSPCARadcliffeAnimalCentre / Facebook

Bella didn’t deserve any of the terrible things that happened to her, but now she is as happy as possible. Older dogs are often the most loving and grateful, so more people should consider saving one.

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