Natura Alert: Use Citizen Science to protect nature

Since the late 1970s, the BirdLife partnership has worked together to identify, document, and protect key places to protect the world’s birds. Since then, over 13,000 important bird and biodiversity areas (IBAs) have been identified. However, without proper monitoring of the health of these IBAs, more and more of them are at risk of harmful development.

As part of our Horizon 2020 funded LandSense project, BirdLife developed Natura Alert: a mobile and web platform that anyone can use to sound the alarm if they discover endangered nature in any corner of the world. Natura Alert allows you to report the location of the detected threat, upload photos and videos of the websites and submit reports.

Once you have submitted this information, it will be reviewed nationally by the coordinators of the IBA and the Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) as well as BirdLife International.

Natura Alert is already used by the volunteer networks of our BirdLife partners SEO / BirdLife in Spain and Burung in Indonesia. In Spain, volunteers use it to report threats to birds and habitats in IBAs and Natura 2000 sites, while Indonesian communities validate alerts from satellite image analysis of forest changes on Flores Island.

Download Natura Alert for your Android or iOS phone today!


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