Moving to the big city brings the stray cat closer and closer to home

As a stray cat from Utah, Fern never thought he would end up in New York City, but that’s the thing about the future. No one can say for sure where they will end up, but when you have caring hearts on your side, you can bet that you will end up in just the right place.

Although Fern has never thought about living in the city, he is sure to be happy to be home forever with his new best friend.

When Fern first came to Utah’s Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the long-haired black cat was in poor shape. At the first inspection it was too thin and its fur was dull. Closer examination revealed a broken jaw and “he also had a soft tissue injury on one of his legs.”

Tender hands cleaned and sewn his painful jaw and luckily Fern’s leg injury would heal from his paws in some time. But his thinness could only be cured by good nutrition, and Fern was sure to get enough good food at Best Friend’s Cat World. Soon it filled up and its long fur regained its shine.

Image courtesy of Best Friends

Best Friends vet technician Heather Purdy said, “He now looks like a cat you might see in a shampoo ad.”

Sandy Paws to Asphalt Claws

After Fern was healed, he and some of the other Utah cats loaded them into their best friends’ van and made their way to the New York rescue center. After the long road trip, Fern joined a nursing home, but his first impression of city life made him shy. It was difficult to get used to living inside and with NYC being the city that doesn’t sleep, Fern stuck to that motto and stayed up all the hours in his nursing home.

Image courtesy of Best Friends

He might have kept his foster family awake, but they were okay with being awake if it meant helping a good cat feel comfortable. Soon, “he began to sleep in a chair by her bed.” He had settled in well with home life, which meant it was time to find a home forever.

New friend for life

With people standing alone in their homes ahead of time during the pandemic, Barbara McDaniel mourned her cat Sugar. When she couldn’t see friends or couldn’t travel, she also felt lonely and isolated. When she saw Fern online looking for a home, Barbara knew that she and the beautiful black cat were made for each other.

Image courtesy of Best Friends

And now that Fern has been adopted, the two of them keep each other company in the long days of their homeland to avoid the virus. But their time together is anything but boring!

Barbara shared: “We play a lot together. He keeps me active. “

And staying active is important for the older friends. Since Barbara is 80 years old and Fern is 9 years old, they are busy staying healthy and happy.

Plus, having Fern by her side helps Barbara remember what’s important in life. Because as she puts it: “Pets put everything in perspective. All the love you give them they give back. “

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