Mother cat and kitten found unconscious in sealed container

While driving late at night, a person discovered a Tupperware container on the side of the road. The lid was locked. The unknown rescuer stopped to investigate and saw a terrible sight in the bin. A mother cat and four kittens trapped inside and passed out. After the container lid clicked into place, the cats were deflated and overheated.

The rescuer resuscitated the small family and through a series of frantic phone calls, the cat and kittens were placed in the care of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. Staff took the cats to Pieper Veterinary Emergency in Middletown, CT, where they were taken to the intensive care unit.

The examination revealed that the mother was blind from lack of oxygen. All week old kittens had stab wounds in the neck. Dan Burgrove, Laura Burban Animal Shelter Director, said: “The mother was desperate to get the babies out of the container and was probably desperate to grab them and claw her way out. So it looked like she’d grabbed her hard and tried to save her life. “

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Her mother fought for her until her suffocating body could no longer take it. And despite her best efforts and that of the vet, one of the kittens died the cruel ordeal of being locked away to die too much for his tiny body.

Kindness overcomes cruelty and ignorance

Although one of the kittens was lost, the others pulled through and their mother regained her sight. On Facebook, the shelter shared the fixed names chosen for the cat family. Mom was named Stevie Nicks and her three boys were named Van Halen, Aerosmith. and Metallica.

“These rock stars went through the ordeal and survived!”

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Foster mother Karyn Putney pushed her recovery forward and kept an eye on the family. She tracks kitten growth and helps Stevie with whatever she needs. Everyone is in better shape for sure, but Kitten Aerosmith needed supplements to help them out.

Karyn said, “They are all doing great. I am very optimistic that we are definitely on the right track with them and that they are really improving. “

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Ask for help

Whether Stevie and her kittens were locked in the container out of cruelty or because someone didn’t know what to do doesn’t change the outcome. A family of cats suffered a terrible ordeal and a kitten was lost. The Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter encourages those faced with an animal situation beyond their control to contact local animal shelters and rescue them for help in finding a safe place to hand over the animal.

“Even if we cannot take in the animals because we are full, we are happy to help them with what to do,” explained Laura.

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A police report was not filed as the location where Stevie and her kittens were found remains unknown. Because of Stevie’s rather unique markings, authorities and rescue workers are hoping someone will recognize her and get in touch.

Whether information comes or not, Stevie and her kittens now have a future ahead of them thanks to kind hearts devoted to saving cats.

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