Mississippi law provides justice for abused cats and dogs

The state of Mississippi is proving its friendliness to cats and dogs thanks to new laws aimed at increasing penalties for animal abusers.

Senate Bill 2658, recently signed by Governor Tate Reeves, aims to increase fees for animal cruelty incidents against domesticated cats and dogs.

The bill was written by Senator Angela Burks Hill and updates previous laws passed in 2011.

Mississippi brings justice to innocent cats and dogs.

Crime fees for the cruel

The invoice adds:

  • As stated in the Bill, anyone who intends to “torture, mutilate, mutilate, burn, starve, crush, disfigure, drown, choke or impale” a domesticated cat or dog can found guilty of aggravating animal cruelty.
  • For every cat or dog against whom atrocities are committed, the perpetrators are charged with a “separate crime”. This means that every injured animal receives justice. Serious animal cruelty charges are brought for every cat or dog maliciously injured.
  • Criminal offenders of aggravated cruelty are “prohibited from possessing or possessing or reside with a domesticated dog or cat for at least five (5) years. “

Sen. Hill explained the penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty: “So you could get up to $ 5,000 and three years for a first offense.”

Animal abusers face fines and prison terms.

“For a second offense, they could get up to $ 10,000 and spend at least a year or more than ten years in jail in the corrections department. So they will get a year. If they get that second offense, they’ll get at least a year. “

A win for cats and dogs

Animal rights groups celebrate the passage of Mississippi Senate Bill 2658. Doll Stanley, director of In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals, said: “For too long, criminals have gotten away with horrific atrocities imaginable for some of the most with a blow on the wrist. “

“Mississippi finally has an animal cruelty law with teeth”.

Those with malicious intent towards cats and dogs, beware!

“Mississippi finally has a toothed animal cruelty bill that gives law enforcement, prosecutors and judges the power to hold animal abusers accountable for unspeakable cruelty.”

And this law is there to give voice to innocent cats and dogs in Mississippi. “We thank Sen. Hill for their determination to get this bill passed, the lawmakers who supported it, and Governor Reeves for signing it.”

We thank all the activists and rescuers who strive to help animals live better lives, too!

Cats and dogs also say thank you!

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