“Mission Impawsible” unites people with stranded dogs overseas

The COVID-19 pandemic happened quickly. Before anyone could process the situation, many places were closed. This also meant that many flights were canceled. This was especially difficult for travelers stuck in different countries. It was also harder to know that their dogs were far away. Kyla and Travis Robinson had spent two years in China. They had planned to return to their home in Vancouver, Canada, but the pandemic quickly thwarted their plans. Many flights have been canceled and dogs are not allowed on planes.

Unfortunately, the family had no choice but to fly without their rescue dog, Sugar. As the pandemic got worse, it became even more difficult to find shelter for Sugar. They feared that they would not be able to bring their cute dog back to them. But as it turned out, they weren’t the only ones stuck in a difficult situation like this.

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Mission Impawsible

The Robinsons formed a WeChat group to brainstorm ideas on how to transport animals. It didn’t take long for 500 people to join the group because they faced similar situations. There have been many dog ​​parents across Canada and the United States with dogs stranded in China.

Some of these people had traveled to Canada to visit their families because they thought they would be back in China in a few weeks. However, the pandemic resulted in their dogs being stuck in boarding schools or with babysitters. Many of these people have been told to give away their dogs, but any true dog lover knows that this is not an option. Dogs are family.

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All families had an idea together. They would charter a plane from Shanghai to Vancouver and Seattle. This plane would bring dogs and cats back to their families. It would also bring back Americans and Canadians stranded in China. They called this transport “Mission Impawsible”.

“It was a whirlwind and definitely never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that starting a WeChat group would bring me here six weeks later,” said Robinson.

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The flight home

Finally, on July 18, the group secured a flight. The flight will have over 155 people and 110 furry friends. This has been made possible by the hundreds of donations they have received. The more money you collect, the less money comes out of your pocket.

One of the people looking forward to their dog’s return is Kaitlyn Hooper. Hooper flew to Ontario from China after her father died. Then her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and she died not long afterwards. During these dark times, her rescue dog, Ted, was stuck in China. Like any other affected family, Hooper was dying to see Ted again.

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Mission Impawsible has grown a lot from the start. They even have their own website where you can see many of the stories of the dogs that are returning to their families. There is even an Instagram and Twitter page devoted to flight updates.

The flight still needs about $ 20,000 to reach its destination. So if you want to help bring these dogs and people home, you can donate on their GoFundMe.

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