Meet teddy

Name and age of the dog: Teddy, 3 years

Nicknames: The Prince Poopy

Adoption history: We were out shopping for cat food and there was an adoption event at the pet shop. We didn’t plan on coming home with another animal, but it was love at first sight, really. Teddy has been the light of our lives since his adoption in 2017. He’s helped us through some really tough times.

Teddy visited Grandma once a week. He had special training so that he could visit them. She liked his “magical” ears, which stick out when aroused. Teddy’s grandma died last year. We were devastated, but Teddy was there every day to support us with kisses and cuddles. Teddy loves his family. He has a special relationship with his grandpa. After Covid met, we visited Grandpa 3 days a week to make sure he is not alone.

Teddy loves being by our side, whether it’s just relaxing on the couch, going for a walk, or chasing the puppy.


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