Meet Sadie Sue

Name and age of the dog: Sadie Sue, 6 years

Nicknames: pumpkin

Adoption history: When I searched for a dog on PetFinder, I found Sadie Sue. Even after looking at so many dogs, her face kept holding me back. She was in South Carolina so I contacted emergency services to see if they were ready to adopt outside of the state. After giving them a lot of information, I was put up for adoption.

Sadie Sue was part of a prison dog training program and turned out to be the best trained rescue I have ever had. When she was ready to be picked up I drove to her and we teamed up very quickly.

Sadie Sue likes to go to daycare. She has such a calm and patient personality that daycare paired her with dogs who are fearful especially on the first day. If I stop to talk to a neighbor while I’m walking Sadie Sue, she will lie down and wait patiently. Sadie Sue loves cats – a neighbor has a cat outdoors and Sadie Sue loves to visit her. The cat and Sadie Sue will wrap their necks around each other with love! She is a remarkable dog.


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