Meet Ryder

Name and age of the dog: Ryder, 14 years

Nicknames: Gizmo

Adoption history: In spring 2010 our two big boys (a yellow Labrador Retriever and an Australian Shepherd) died of old age. That fall, while browsing our photos, my husband watched a large percentage of them show other people’s dogs. “I think it’s time,” he said.

Ryder lived with a family that was overwhelmed (five children, three dogs, and a rabbit in a small house). He was scared, cried and was way too thin. Ryder wasn’t familiar with toys or treats, but he seemed generally healthy. We later discovered that he had epilepsy. If we had known about his epilepsy, we would never have gone to see him. Ignorance turned out to be our luck as he is the most loving pet we have ever had.

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Every morning he comes to me and asks to have his back massaged. Ryder sleeps a lot now that he is older, but he still loves hiking the nearby fields and forests. When we get home he tears through the house as if announcing his adventure and then falls asleep on his sofa.

Ryder is ready for any adventure, but when we need a quiet time he’s right there too. Its fur is unusually soft, and petting it is the best relief from stress in anything that makes you sick. He is a sweet and loving best buddy


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