Meet Maggie

Name and age of the dog: Maggie, 1 year

Nicknames: Maggie Mae, Mags, Maggie Waggie

Adoption history: Maggie just fell into our hands; it should just be like that. My father’s friend had an accidental litter and Maggie was the last puppy. My father, who knew I love dachshunds (I already had two), asked if I would like to adopt them. Of course I couldn’t say no! She brought so much happiness and excitement into our lives. Maggie is full of personality and we absolutely love her.

It is named after the character Maggie Green from the series The Walking Dead.

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Fetching balls makes her happy and she likes to play fetch all day if you let her. She usually carries a ball around in her mouth. Maggie loves to swim too and she will jump right into the pool with you. She loves everyone!

Maggie is so special to me. I can see in her little eyes how much she loves me; she is my baby She has brought so much happiness into my life in dark times that there is really never a dull moment with her.


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