Meet Lucy

Name and age of the dog: Lucy, 9 years

Nicknames: LuLu

Adoption history: We drove two hours to get another dog and by the time we got there it was already adopted. But Lucy was sitting there, the only puppy that was still in the litter. I held her tight and knew she was my Lucy. I love the “I Love Lucy” shows and I always wanted to come home and say, “Lucy, I’m home!”

We enjoy long walks to look at squirrels and take in all the smells. Lucy loves her goodies and she loves children. What makes Lucy smile the most is asking her if she’d like a ride – she’ll be at the door and ready to go. It brings her pure joy.

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Lucy and I volunteer as a therapy dog ​​team for the national organization PetPartners. We go to libraries and schools to calm children down.

Lucy has a loving mind and shows unconditional love for me. She has the cutest mind


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