Meet Ginny

Name and age of the dog: Ginny, age 4

Nicknames: Ginny Monster, Peanut, Gin Gin, Gremlin

Name history: We’re huge Harry Potter fans and we felt Ginny would best suit her personality!

Adoption history: We went to Paw’s Place Dog Rescue to find our first dog. Ginny wasn’t even listed on the website yet, but as soon as we went to her enclosure, she stood on her back legs and walked around to say hello to us and it was love at first sight. We have to bring her home two weeks later and she’s been our cuddle bug ever since.

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We go to the park every morning because Ginny loves chasing a tennis ball. This is her luck in the park!

Ginny is a creature comfort dog. The things that make them happiest are spending time with their people, an incredibly soft blanket that someone put them in, snacks, and time in the park.

Ginny is 100% a rescue dog who is grateful for their best life. She is wickedly smart, loving and funny. We couldn’t imagine life without them!


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