Meet Bullet

Name and age of the dog: Kugel, 2 years

Nicknames: Bull, bulldozer

Adoption history: I had been looking for a puppy for a while when suddenly I was informed of a beautiful black eye puppy who was on the way to the shelter. I picked him up asap and immediately fell in love with him! We decided to name him Bullet after my father’s favorite dog from many years ago.

Bullet is the best dog, he is always happy no matter where he goes, even to the vet. His absolute favorite pastimes are obedience training and fetching. I also really enjoy doing these activities because it is such an amazing bonding experience that only we can share.

He made my life much more exciting, active and energizing! It’s always a blessing to come home to someone who is so excited to see you. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to give your dog something as simple as a bone and see their little eyes light up – we really don’t deserve dogs!


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