Meet Brookie

Name and age of the dog: Brookie, age 8

Nicknames: Boogie

Adoption history: Brookie was found on the roadside four years ago with multiple fractures and was taken to a shelter by a good Samaritan. She was an unclaimed stray. After two complicated orthopedic operations, she was sent to my foster family. Brookie and I immediately bonded, and because she was still scared of everyone, she has been with me ever since. I named her after my grandfather Brooks, who adored dogs.

She loves the outdoors, walks in the woods, road trips, cuddling on the couch, gourmet treats and her sister Baylee. Even if I’m only gone 15 minutes, she’s thrilled to see me come home and high-five and wiggle my left paw.

I admire her courage and her ability to rise above adversity, despite being so small in this big world. She is my joy and comfort, and I am hers.


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