Meet Benny

Name and age of the dog: Benny, 1 year

Nicknames: Benny Boy, Beetle, Bubba, Baby

Adoption history: At the age of 8 months, Benny had covered nearly 2,500 miles by truck or car. He was a rescue puppy who had never lived with a family before. He was energetic but didn’t want to get too close. He wasn’t sure where to go in the house and wasn’t going to be comfortable. He never wagged his tail, never smiled, but he was still open to love. Now he doesn’t stop smiling, wags his tail and asks for pets.

Benny has the pleasure of spending hours every day in the dog park hanging out with his dog friends. He also goes everywhere with his people, whether it be for walks, car rides, or even trips to the mall. He has made so much progress, he is a cuddle bug and the best companion.

Behind the name: I always briefly loved the name Benjamin with Benny. We’re adding a new dog “Jet” to the family, we’ll soon be Benny and the Jets!


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