Maze x Black Velvet Angelfish by Bali Aquarich

The Vevet Angelfish of the genus Chaetodontoplus are among the most interesting and unique of the Pomacanthidae. Wild, collected velvet angelfish have a very difficult time adapting to aquarium food and conditions, but luckily, velvet angelfish are among the most commonly bred in captivity. Bali Aquarich was a champion of Chaetodontoplus breeding and recently had an exciting new breakthrough. With this hybrid of a labyrinth and a black velvet angelfish, Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus x Chaetodontoplus melanosoma, Mr. Su achieved another new fish.

Another example with a rather black velvet coloring!

The thing about this hybrid cross is that they are all different, with some keeping the blue face away from the maze and others graying blue like the black velvet. The big question mark remaining will be the lines across the body with any number of possible outcomes. We could end up with some very unique patterns. There will likely be a selection of very special ones such as the blue Chinese character that could attract the attention of very wealthy fish keepers. Because of this, Mr. Su is not releasing them yet as he wants to see their final coloring before selecting and selling them one by one, mainly in the Asian market.

The blue face with the very black body of this specimen is fascinating.

Personally, I loved the dark back, yellow tail, and blue face of some of them, and I just wish they could stay that way. So I can’t wait to come back in a couple of weeks and see what comes out of this batch of fish because it looks like they’ll all be different.


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