Living Bird Winter 2021 – Table of Contents

Belted Kingfisher by Ray Hennessy.

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feature article

Where do migrants go in winter? New models offer exquisite details

By Gustave Axelson; Illustrations by Jillian Ditner

Analysis: A new vision for restoring the Warbler wintering habitat

By Eric Ponçon and Juan-Diego Román

Yellow Warbler in Costa Rica. Photo by Fernando Burgalin Sequeria / Macaulay Library.

Photo essay: The fragile forest house of the birds of paradise

Photos and story by Tim Laman

Photo by Tim Laman.

Analysis: The forest house of the birds of paradise disappears. Fast.

By Edwin Scholes

Sound Sleuthing: Discover new species of birds by listening to them

By Kathi Borgmann

Add sparks to your winter bird photography with these pro tips

By Ray Hennessy

American Robin by Ray Hennessy.

Perspective: How birds helped me find peace in 2020

By Christina Greer

Columns & departments

View from Sapsucker Woods: The next chapter for the Cornell Lab

By John W. Fitzpatrick

Urban feeders can be refuge for land birds in rough winter weather

By Marc Devokaitis

The Macaulay archivist, whose career spanned both analog and digital eras

By Kathi Borgmann

Meet the new wizard of winter finch predictions: Q&A with Tyler Hoar

By Marc Devokaitis

A city will be quieter in 2020 and white crowned sparrows will change their mood

By Marc Devokaitis

Do birds have eyelashes?

By Marc Devokaitis

2020 was a year of ups and downs for the Endangered Species Act

By Marc Devokaitis

These female hummingbirds masquerade as men

Illustration by Jillian Ditner

The coolest hummingbird as measured by an actual thermometer

By Marc Devokaitis

Gallery: A sparkling moment with an American car

By Ross Bartholomäus


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