Living Bird Autumn 2020 – Table of Contents

White-throated Sparrow. Photo by Ray Hennessy.

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feature article

Deepwater Horizon: Ten Years After America’s Greatest Oil Spill

By Scott Weidensaul

Raccoon Island has been restored in the last ten years and pelicans are nesting there again. Photo by Amy Shutt.

Analysis: Lose the law that saves migratory birds

By Scott Weidensaul

Analysis: If another deep water horizon hits, new policy changes would give polluters a free pass

By Amanda Rodewald

Special section: Recent changes and rollbacks of environmental rules

Text by Anil Oza and Gustave Axelson; Artwork by Jillian Ditner

A Birds Agenda for the 117th Congress

Text by Anil Oza and Gustave Axelson; Artwork by Jillian Ditner

Could deer hunting improve the habitat for forest birds?

By Marc Devokaitis

4 Ideas for Your Feeder Setup That Will Make Great Bird Photos

By Gerrit Vyn

Annual report 2020

Columns & departments

View from Sapsucker Woods: Our scientifically motivated mission to inform politics

By John W. Fitzpatrick

The White-throated Sparrow Song That Conquered North America

By Kathi Borgmann and Marc Devokaitis

Bird profile: white-throated sparrow

Everything about birds

A bird’s beak is shaped by more than what it eats

By Kathi Borgmann

One type or two? A winner emerges in the great oriole debate

By Pat Leonard and Marc Devokaitis

In memory of Bill Macaulay, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Benefactor

From Miyoko Chu

Gallery: Purple-green swallows at home

From Jen Lobo


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