Live bait for ice fishing on Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the leading fisheries in the United States. Ice fishing on Lake Erie is also a great attraction in winter. There is great biodiversity and a lot of space on this huge lake. One way to narrow down your fishing while ice fishing on Lake Erie is to check what live bait is available.

Little minnows

To a large extent, everything eats up small minnows. However, if you are fishing for perch (yellow perch) and pikeperch on Lake Erie, a bucket of small minnows will surely increase your chances of success. Light lines and small hooks or jigs are used with small minnows, and a depth gauge will help you get to the right spot, which could be well offshore. If you’d rather not venture this far, bluegill, pumpkin seed and crappie can all be caught in the bays.

Big minnows

“The bigger the bait, the bigger the fish” is a general rule. Because of the very large fish potential involved in ice fishing on Lake Erie, you will need to increase the hook and line to 8 or 10 pounds. Double-digit pikeperch and lake trout lurk off the coast. while pike and largemouth bass hang closer to the bank around the remaining vegetation.

Wax worms and maggots

There are containers of these tiny pieces of bait in refrigerators at bait stores, but also in most of the large crate and convenience stores near Lake Erie. These bites are attached to small hooks or micro-devices and catch not only yellow perch, sunfish, and enamel, but steelhead as well. A steel head on a tiny ice fishing rod is something you will never forget.

Before the excursion, be sure to read the ice fishing report of Lake Erie, not only the fishing action but also the conditions of the ice. Four inches is a common minimum for “safe ice”. Ice thickness varies, however, and all common ice fishing precautions should be taken, such as B. Life jackets, ice axes, cell phones, and a friend ready to go with you. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York state DNR and fish and wildlife departments provide reports and conditions for ice fishing on Lake Erie. Lure shops and fishing guides often post these terms on social media platforms as well.


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