Lightbeams inspiring stories from everyday people

Lightbeam, a new project that calls itself a platform, has set itself the task of closing today’s empathy gap with inspiring short videos by talented filmmakers.

The demand for uplifting news rose dramatically during the pandemic and continues to grow as more world events unfold. It has been documented that our collective mental health has deteriorated as we carry the weight of an increasingly desolate world.

Lightbeam addresses this important issue by enabling talented artistic voices to tell the stories of heroes in everyday areas of life. The videos are one to five minutes long and can be viewed for free. Her well-crafted stories are thoughtfully produced and offer a dose of inspiration – storytelling that serves to uplift our spirits as well as connect and motivate us.

In these difficult times, Lightbeam wants to show us that the best of humanity always shines through. “We are all consumed with negative images and messages, and there comes a point where our wellbeing becomes compromised,” said Stephanie Sharis, co-founder of Lightbeam. “I felt compelled to shed some light on the makers, the helpers and the change makers instead. … I wanted to bring more positivity into the world so we could start changing the narrative and instilling happiness and compassion, not fear and despair. The good stories are there – we just have to put them in the spotlight. “

Animals – especially dogs – are omnipresent sources of inspiration for many of us. So it’s no wonder that the Lightbeam creative team chose two stories with animal lovers as the focus. One lights up a veterinarian who treats the pets of people who live on the street. Another highlight is the “Dogfather of Harlem”, a dog groomer who was forced to close its brick-and-mortar business during the shutdown of Covid-19, but recovered to complete what is known as the “Pup Relief Tour” – a full one equipped mobile unit that offers this free care to its neighbors in Harlem.


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