Kittens share inseparable bonds and find wonderful families who will help them get back on their feet

Two kittens who share an inseparable bond have found wonderful families that will help them thrive.

Salvation of grace to save

Two months ago, Saving Grace Rescue was contacted about a pair of tied kittens in need of help.

“You came to the shelter with a ringworm around four weeks old,” Amber, founder of Saving Grace Rescue, told Love Meow. “That morning Joyce, a volunteer carer, jokingly asked about ginger kittens and those two showed up.”

Joyce was thrilled to help the two kittens and named them Ruth and Ginsburg. The kittens settled in their foster home quickly and please had a dedicated caretaker to attend to all of their needs.

Although the kittens had to be treated daily for ringworm, they were always in good spirits. “We bathed her and treated her with cream to solve her health problem,” said Joyce Love Meow.

Ginsburg and Ruthie the Ginger Kittens Saving Grace Rescue

The cat-like siblings were very playful and curious from the start. They followed their foster mother around the room whenever she came in.

Ginsburg didn’t gain weight at first. His sister Ruthie would keep him company and insist on doing anything to cheer him up. When Ginsburg jumped on the scales for a weight, little Ruthie would follow, trying to be next to her brother.

Salvation of grace to save

The kittens are never afraid to express their many opinions. Ginsburg is the speaker and the one who starts morning conversations with her foster mother. If he wants attention and love, he will make sure his voice is heard.

Even by the time they were a few weeks old, Ginsburg and Ruthie were mischief-makers, always on the lookout for trouble. Joyce often found her trying to wrestle her feet. She had to walk across the room with two affectionate kittens wrapped around their legs on all fours.

Salvation of grace to save

The feline siblings share a very close bond. “They always have each other’s back. Whenever I held a kitten to feed, the other tried to crawl up my leg to ‘help’.”

After a long journey of treatment and care, the kittens have fully recovered and are growing by leaps and bounds. They have cute, healthy, round bellies to show off and lots of unbridled energy to create antics all over the house.

Salvation of grace to save

Check out the kittens and their journey in this cute video:

Ginger kitten care trip

“Ginsburg will let you know when he needs love. He will go to my husband when he works and sit in front of him and meow his heart out so he can be picked up,” Joyce shared with Love Meow.

Salvation of grace to save

“Ruthie is daring and always the first to try. She was the first to try to escape (her playpen) by jumping on the gate. She loves to explore.

“Her last achievement was winning the love of our house cat Queen Skittles with her perseverance.”

Salvation of grace to save

The bound couple is finally ready for the next chapter of their lives. Ginsburg and Ruth are looking for a home forever together so that they never become part of it.

Hector, the house cat, taught the kittens how to be a real ginger.

Salvation of grace to save

“They love each other and are always there for one another,” said Joyce.

Salvation of grace to save

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