Kittens found next to their brothers, flowers with the help of kind people

A calico kitten was found next to her three brothers and was rescued just in time.

Caroline grace

Caroline Grace, a volunteer caregiver for Saving One Life (an animal rescue and sanctuary in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California), was contacted about a litter of kittens that were in critical condition.

The kittens were discovered by an Arizona resident. “You were only a week old and had barely opened your eyes. Your mother was hit by a car and only found days later,” said Caroline Love Meow.

When Caroline got the kittens, they fought but fought for life. “They were hypothermic, full of dirt and fleas. I spent the first three days providing support and medical care around the clock.”

Caroline grace

The kittens were given the right medication to fight infection, much-needed baths to remove any pesky fleas, and nutritional supplements to boost their immune systems.

Caroline kept them warm and nourished and made sure they were loved. A few days later, the kittens perked up, regained their appetite, and demonstrated their strong vocal skills.

Caroline grace

Doris the calico was in very bad shape when she arrived and could barely hold her head up. As soon as she got her energy back, she emerged from a pile of warm blankets and requested her bottle. Her brothers followed suit and joined the Happy Dinner Choir.

“Doris is the only girl in the group. She has a loud, almost scratchy voice and is definitely sweet and flavorful! She is a great eater and has an active purr motor too,” added Caroline.

Doris the calico kitten Caroline Grace

Cute Calico quickly figured out how to cling to a bottle and devoured the food like there was no tomorrow. Her brothers followed suit and ate to their hearts’ content.

Doris’ fighting spirit rubbed off on her littermates, especially on little Wilbur, who was the weakest of them all.

WilburCaroline Grace

With careful maintenance, it rebounded and made a complete 180.

“After that, each day they got stronger and healthier and their little personalities came out,” Caroline told Love Meow.

Caroline grace

Check out Doris and her cat brothers in this cute video:

Kittens and their care journey

“Howie is the biggest and bravest who loves to look into your eyes. Wilbur is a chunky cuddle who just wants to be held and caress his face. Elmer is such a good boy and sweetheart who loves abdominal massages,” added Caroline added.

“And Doris is a squishy, ​​chubby poly who just wants to lie on her back in your lap and get kisses in the stomach.”

Doris, Howie, ElmerCaroline Grace

“They are all chunky, healthy babies by four and a half weeks of age and will soon begin the kitten weaning process. They all enjoy cuddling and constantly purring.”

Caroline grace

The kittens’ eyesight and coordination improved significantly in less than three weeks. They have all taken their first steps outside of their nest and are starting to explore and play.

Caroline grace

Doris, the cheeky calico, has perfected the art of captivating people’s hearts. She will waddle on her foster mother’s lap and stare into her eyes until she is picked up and snuggled.

Caroline grace

“It is amazing to be able to nurture newborn kittens because they are making such great developmental advances in such a short time,” said Caroline. “I feel like they went from sick, helpless babies with barely opened eyes to chunky and curious little mini-kittens almost overnight.”

Caroline grace

Doris and her brothers have come a long way and thrive in caring. In another 4-5 weeks they will be ready to find their own place.

“They’re little wonder babies and absolute darlings, so whoever adopts them will be very happy.”

Caroline grace

From now on, the kittens will grow, improve their feline skills and take in the love of their foster family.

Caroline grace

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