Kittens brought back from the sidelines by the rescuers team bloom into beautiful cats

A small calico and its siblings were found in rough shape. With the help of a team of rescue workers and volunteers, they recovered.

Ashley Kelley

Two weeks ago, Wrenn Rescues (a volunteer rescue company in Southern California) was contacted about a litter of four kittens in dire need of help. They were found in rough form and only skin and bones.

Ashley Kelley, a rescue volunteer, stepped into action and retrieved the kittens within hours of arriving at a local animal shelter.

The kittens were very malnourished and dirty, which indicated that they had been away from their mother for some time. “These babies have been alone for at least a few days,” said Ashley.

Ashley Kelley

The rubbish was covered in fleas and dirt and had a lot piled against them. Despite everything, they showed an incredible will to live, kept their siblings close and helped cheer each other on.

After they had cleaned everything up, they snuggled into their cozy, warm bed with full bellies to make up for the lost sleep.

Ashley Kelley

Host (gray and white) was the dwarf, and Gregory (orange and white) was the largest litter. Lorna, the (cream-colored) ginger girl, spent the first few days dozing off a ton. “She’s the second smallest and definitely the sleepiest of them all.”

Aunt Whispers, the calico with unique features that resemble a Rorschach test, was determined to grow tall and strong.

Ashley Kelley

Ashley started treating her for eye infections and stomach problems and working to get her back to health. Jen Marder from Wrenn Rescues stepped in to make sure that all four kittens were properly cared for.

With round-the-clock feeding, extra grooming, and plenty of TLC, the kittens perked up and began to thrive.

Ashley Kelley

At around three weeks old, little Greg had already figured out how to ask for cuddling. He and his brother bonded tightly and the two cuddled day and night.

“Greg and landlord are such a cute couple. I haven’t had that many kitten pairs this early! These two are always together and it’s the cutest,” added Ashley.

Greg the kitten and his best friend, host Ashley Kelley

Check out the kittens in this cute video:

Kitten care travel

“Lorna has a case of dormant grumpy face, and Aunt Whispers is the sleepiest, chonkiest baby ever and has no care in the world.”

As soon as the personality of the calico emerged, it no longer struck with its newly discovered nonsense and its kattitude.

Lorna, the kitten, cuddles with her calico sister, Ashley Kelley

Aunt Whispers is not afraid to express her many opinions. “She’s definitely a Sass bucket,” Jen told Love Meow.

In just two weeks, the little calico really filled up and earned a healthy, round stomach. She has made incredible profits and is being dialed into her eat and sleep game in preparation for the next level of the kitten hood.

Jen Marder

“She eats, meows a little to let me know she still doesn’t like me, and then goes back to nap,” said Ashley. “This girl was too sick to eat on her own but obviously has no problem growing when fed.”

Now that she’s back on her paws, she embodies the calico attitude to the full.

Jen Marder

“The landlord is cutest little man with such a big personality! Now that he’s drinking the bottle by himself, he’s really fine. Still not a big chub like its siblings, but it’s steadily gaining weight, “said Ashley.

“His purrs are intense and his grumpy, cozy meows melt me.”

Ashley Kelley

The kittens made a 180 in less than two weeks.

Your little legs are getting stronger every day and you can’t wait to use them meaningfully.

Jen Marder

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