Kitten with the cutest grandpa face Determined to win over everyone with its charm

A little kitten with the cutest grandpa face has a strong will to live and is determined to win everyone over.

Grandpa the kittenCasey Elise @imogenthekitten

Stephanie Medrano, a sponsor of the Stray Cat Alliance (in Los Angeles), received an urgent request for a small newborn Himalayan kitten in need of rescue. The little guy was born with twisted hind legs and a cleft palate. Despite everything, the kitten had a good appetite and was in a good mood and showed a strong will to live.

The kitten’s owners received a grim diagnosis from the veterinarian. They didn’t know how to properly care for his legs, but wanted to ask him for help. When Stephanie found out about his situation, she immediately stepped on the plate.

“I agreed to have the kitten that same day. I got it a few hours after it was born,” said Stephanie Love Meow.

Stephanie Medrano

“I thought of his name ‘Grandpa’ as soon as I saw his face,” added Stephanie.

The cute grandpa has an old man’s cutest face that only adds to his character. Because of his cleft palate, he must be tube-fed around the clock, a trained feeding technique to prevent the kitten from aspirating.

After Grandpa got a full stomach, he settled comfortably in an incubator and immediately fell asleep.

Stephanie Medrano

They put a cuddly toy with a heartbeat (Faux Mama) in the incubator to keep him company so Grandpa would never feel alone.

To correct his twisted legs, Stephanie has started massaging them every few hours at meal time. Little grandpa is a soldier and full of strength and power in such a tiny body.

Stephanie Medrano

After each feeding, the little wonder cuddles up to a palm tree that cuddles with its human before it rejoins its artificial mother to cuddle intensely. With proper care, good food, and the commitment of his foster family, the little guy begins to thrive.

In 10 days, Grandpa has almost doubled his weight and his coat is becoming fluffier.

Grandpa, kitten, Himalayas

Stephanie Medrano

“It was 84 grams when we got it. It’s now 145 grams. He’s just started licking, yawning and stretching. He’s so gentle and sleeps very well,” Stephanie told Love Meow.

Grandpa is wise beyond his age and has the smallest meows when he decides to speak. The little guy spends a lot of time napping and growing and will soon open his eyes to see for the first time.

Grandpa, Purrito, Himalayan Kitten

Casey Elise @imogenthekitten

“As he gets older, we will see if the stretch has helped his legs and will further examine his cleft palate,” said Stephanie Love Meow.

“He could potentially need splints on his legs to further adjust when he is older, and most likely surgery to fix the crevice.”

Stephanie Medrano

Stephanie and all the employees of the Stray Cat Alliance are looking for this miracle kitten and will guarantee him the best quality of life.

In the meantime, Grandpa, the kitten, makes hearts beat faster with his sweet nature and charm.

Grandpa the Purrito Kitten Stephanie Medrano

The little man with the cutest grandpa face is enjoying his new life and taking in all the love.

Stephanie Medrano

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