Kitten with 3 paws and an incredible will to live now has a caring dog to help her thrive

Peggy is a little wonder kitten who has three paws and a canine friend to help her thrive.

Kate Hayes

Last Thursday, a small kitten with an injury to its hind leg and tail was taken to Warwick Veterinary Hospital in Perth, Australia to live a better life. She was only a few weeks old and weighed only 172 grams. Even though it was so small, the tabby stayed there with all its might.

Dr. Fiona South and her veterinary team saw the fight in their eyes and knew that despite all the odds, they had to try to save her. “With how strong she was we didn’t give up. The only choice we had was to amputate her leg sooner rather than later, since her leg was so badly infected and essentially starting to die and she was at risk of sepsis to get sick, “said Kate Hayes, a veterinarian who shared with Love Meow.

In just one day, the kitten was gaining weight as if preparing for an operation.

Kate Hayes

The small bundle of fur underwent major surgery that was significant for a kitten her size and age. They didn’t know if she would get through but wanted to give her a chance to fight.

“I honestly didn’t think she’d make it through surgery when she’s so young and so small, but she did,” added Kate.

Kate Hayes

The tabby girl surprised them all with her enormous will to live. She became the youngest kitten the hospital had ever had an operation on, let alone a major orthopedic procedure. The success was a miracle.

“This little kitten is the epitome of strength. We are seriously overwhelmed by her bravery,” shared Kate Love Meow. “Her name is Peggy aka ‘Peg Leg’. She’s gaining weight now and getting stronger day by day.”

Kate Hayes

Kate volunteered to take care of little Peggy so the kitten could continue the healing process in a loving home.

Her house dog Moon, who has a thing for kittens in need, immediately came to greet the new carer.

Kate Hayes

After a few sniffs, Moon could sense that the kitten needed some TLC. He lay down by her side and began to watch over her.

“When an animal is crying or sick, Moon stays next to them and weeps with them. He’s such a kind nature,” Kate told Love Meow.

Kate Hayes

A few years ago, Moon helped Kate care for another three-legged kitten named Phoenix. He kept her company and never left her side. Now that he has Peggy, Moon has made it his business to help little tabby recover.

Check out Peggy the kitten in this cute video:

Peggy the kitten

Whenever Moon hears Peggy’s screams, his ears go up and he comes running to see if she’s okay.

Moon loves any caregiver who brings Kate home and will gently cuddle her and sit next to her until they fall asleep.

Kate Hayes

Peggy has soaked up her foster brother’s love and is healing wonderfully. She likes to knead her tiny front paws on her canine tooth and bury her face in his fluff to snuggle up intensely.

Moon is overjoyed with his precious new baby and keeps showering him with licks. He insists on being there for her around the clock and making sure she is never alone.

Kate Hayes

With a second chance in life, Peggy’s life was completely turned around. She is now recovering and thriving with a caring friend by her side.

Kate Hayes

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