Kitten turned the corner with the help of a friendly couple and became the cutest cat with so much to give

A former animal shelter kitten turned the corner with the help of a friendly couple and became their favorite cat.

Dijon the kitten with Foster DadLittle Wanderers NYC

A few weeks ago, Little Wanderers NYC was contacted about a tiny shelter kitten in dire need of help. She was six weeks old when she was taken to the city shelter with some injuries.

The kitten, named Dijon, was in rough shape and needed intensive care. “We were asked by many friends and hardworking Animal Care Center volunteers to help Baby Dijon. She didn’t eat alone and wasn’t walking properly. We knew we had to save her,” Little Wanderers told NYC Love Meow.

Tyrone and Megan, a couple who volunteered for the rescue, immediately stepped forward to help. They picked the kitten up from the shelter in good time so that she could begin her healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

Rescue kitten DijonLittle Wanderers NYC

“The shelter’s staff discovered trauma from a car accident upon admission,” Little Wanderers told NYC. “The good news is that there is nothing that cannot be repaired. All injuries are soft tissue related. That means that with the right care and medication, our beloved rescue will recover.”

The friendly couple showered little Dijon with cuddles and kisses. She gradually regained her mobility and demanded to be held and loved at all times. The kitten would snuggle up to her foster father when she was napping or crawl on top of him to get his attention.

Little Walkers NYC

Two weeks after arriving, the kitten fell ill and had to be rushed to the emergency room with a high fever. It turned out that she had calicivirus and treatment and supportive care began immediately.

Dijon perked up and purred as he was looked after by the veterinary team, as if to thank them for helping her. “She was a brave little kitten and she wanted to live.”

Little Walkers NYC

Thanks to the quick action of her foster parents, Dijon was brought back from the sidelines and returned home after a few days in the hospital. She rubbed her foster father’s face and soaked up love.

“Good care, medication, and TLC all worked. Dijon has had a few bad days, but things are going uphill from here,” wrote Little Wanderers NYC.

Little Walkers NYC

The little warrior kitten continued to bloom in foster care and was eventually out of the woods.

“It may be smaller than a (very large) hand, but it is a survivor,” said Dijon’s foster parents. They hoped that one day the right family would come with them so that the little deserving girl could realize her dream as a pampered princess.

Little Walkers NYC

Dijon touched many hearts on her journey. One of them was Melissa from New Jersey, who had two cats of her own.

Melissa fell head over heels in love with the little fighter. She reached out to Little Wanderers NYC, and it turned out to be a perfect match.

Little Walkers NYC

The kitten, now renamed Tinka, will continue its journey in her eternal home. “She’s a little love bug, purred the whole drive home. She has a big brother and a big sister who are curious about her,” said Melissa.

Tinka spent her first day cuddling with her human mother. She insisted on being held like a purrito when taking a nap. After dinner she snuggled back into the blanket and into Melissa’s arms.

Melissa @tinka_bell_and_friends

Paisley and Finley, their new feline siblings, came to greet them with a few sniffs.

They are very intrigued by the little newcomer and have spent a lot of time watching and getting to know them.

Melissa @tinka_bell_and_friends

Tinka loves her VIP life and is already clinging to her human mother everywhere. Melissa now has a new office assistant who insists on supervising her while she works.

The cute kitten is getting more energetic every day and her purr motor is constantly running.

Melissa @tinka_bell_and_friends

They gave the kitten a chance to fight and turned their lives around. Tinka has developed into a full-fledged cuddle bug and has so much to give.

Melissa @tinka_bell_and_friends

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