Kitten searches the right house for help after roaming the streets and turns into the happiest cat

A kitten picked the right house to visit in a neighborhood and befriended the family. His life was changed forever.

With Grace @withgracerescue

A few weeks ago a kitten turned up in a neighborhood in Las Vegas. He was about eight months old and was looking for food at night. He wandered into a family’s back yard and decided to watch them from afar. He didn’t know he’d picked the right place to hang out.

Danielle, the homeowner and founder of With Grace (a Las Vegas kitten rescue), spotted the tuxedo outside. She reached out to the neighbors to see if anyone recognized the cat, but no one did.

“We have a colony of cats (all neutered) in our neighborhood who are all tuxedos so we weren’t sure if he was part of the colony or not,” Danielle told Love Meow.

With Grace @withgracerescue

She was able to safely catch the kitten and take it to the vet. No microchip was found and the kitten they named Buddy was spayed, checked and returned to the cat colony for foster care.

At the time, Danielle had a house full of rescued kittens in every room. She did what she could to help the young cat and kept food ready in her back yard every day. “I promised him that if he kept coming back, as soon as we had a place for him, we would take him in and find his home forever.”

With Grace @withgracerescue

Buddy would go back to his trusty grocer and hang out in their back yard. Slowly but surely he was feeling more comfortable in the family. Over time, he even tried to interact with their house cats through the door.

“I’ve started to work to earn his trust. We tried everything to attract him in less than a week, but he just didn’t have it,” shared Danielle Love Meow. “He would sit by our sliding glass door and just stare at our cats and play with them, but he just couldn’t get enough courage to come in.”

With Grace @withgracerescue

Danielle decided to set a humane trap in the back yard to try. Within a few minutes, Buddy came right in.

Indoor life was not easy for the tuxedo at first, as it had probably spent most of its life on the street. Danielle and her husband worked together and spent a lot of time with Buddy trying to win him over.

When the tuxedo realized that it was safe and that indoor life wasn’t that bad, it came out of its shell and even began to seek affection.

With Grace @withgracerescue

“He grew confident and enjoyed human camaraderie and became depraved. I named him Buddy after the vacation movie Elf. He has the same personality as the main character Buddy.”

Check out Buddy and his journey in this video:

Buddy the Cat

When Buddy first got acquainted with toys, he didn’t know what to do with them. When he discovered the joy of playing with them, he became obsessed – there weren’t any toys he didn’t love.

With Grace @withgracerescue

“He’s so goofy, goofy, playful and lovable. When my husband walked past him, he would stand on his back legs and hug / attack his legs,” Danielle told Love Meow.

“Even if he were in the scratching post and we walked by, he would have to hit us (playfully) as if to say, ‘Tag! It’s you!'”

With Grace @withgracerescue

Buddy is quite a characterful character and has grown into a happy, lively, and playful cat since the day he chose to live indoors.

“Although he’s still a kitten, he’s surprisingly tall for his age. No matter how much I played with him, he just wouldn’t stop,” shared Danielle’s husband.

With Grace @withgracerescue

“If everyone spayed and neutered their pets and tried to help the overpopulation of stray and feral cats, we could drastically reduce the number of homeless cats / kittens on the streets,” added Danielle.

Buddy had turned his life around and was finally ready to find a place of his own where he would live like royalty and be valued and pampered.

With Grace @withgracerescue

Ryanne and Jake, a couple, happened upon a post about Buddy and were instantly impressed. They recently lost their beloved cat, Shadow, and something about Buddy touched their hearts.

Two days ago, Buddy (renamed Ziggy Buddy Palermo) was officially accepted into his eternal home with the couple. “Buddy / Ziggy should come into our lives and be separated from our family,” wrote Ryanne.

With Grace @withgracerescue

“He’s so sweet and loving. He stole my heart. He’s already healing the heart wound that Shadow’s sudden death left on us and filling it with his own love.”

The tuxedo went to the right house that night for help and eventually found the perfect family (with lots of furry friends) to spend his life with.

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