Kitten needs help getting home to the States with a soldier who saved her

Heartbreak finds us when we least expect it, but so does hope.

On their last deployment to the Middle East, Army Sergeant Ash found out exactly that fact thanks to a sick kitten. And now that it’s almost time for Sgt. Ash to return home, she and her cute kitten Rona risk breaking up. But Guardians of Rescue gives us the chance to keep a mother cat and her kitten together.

Not so long ago, Sgt. Ash received some difficult news from home. Since she was half a world away from the comfort of loved ones, she found it hard to cope with. Getting bad news and being alone with it is never easy, but luckily for the soldier, the cure was only four little paws away.

Image courtesy Guardians of Rescue Inc.

Heal Rona

When her roommate introduced her to a sick kitten, Sgt. Ash knew she had to help the week-old baby. That first night, Sgt. Ash kept the kitten in a box on her bedside table for a close eye. It was a tough night. The Guardians of Rescue said, “She almost lost her twice. But she kept fighting and with Ash’s loving care she made it. “

By helping the kitten to recover, Sgt. Ash carried her with him. And soon the couple quickly bonded into an eternal family. To mark the struggle the tough kitten had overcome, Sgt. Ash gave her a memorable name. In a People magazine, the Guardians said, “When she got over the disease, she decided to name her Rona, which was after the coronavirus, because she thought the virus was difficult to fight, and Rona had a great one Fight waged. ”

Image courtesy Guardians of Rescue Inc.

Sgt. Ash said: “We saved each other and belong together.”

They helped each other, but now Sgt. Ash and Rona need our help.

Almost time to get home

Sgt. Ash will be returning to the US soon, and bringing Rona home is a complicated and expensive process. The Guardians of Rescue were of great help to the soldier and their kitten, walking them through the process and hosting a fundraiser to help the kitten return to the US forever

Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, told People, “We know all too well how important and lifesaving these pets are for our soldiers stationed in the Middle East. When they get home, they can’t stand leaving them there, and we all agree that it’s not safe. Leaving the cat in the Middle East will be a death sentence for her. We will make every effort to get Rona to her home, but we need the public’s support to make it happen. “

Image courtesy Guardians of Rescue Inc.

“I pray the Guardians of Rescue can take Rona home to the States where we can live our lives together,” said Sgt. Ash said. “I am grateful for your help and for everyone who donates to make this possible.”

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