Kitten is comforting Simba from the Lion King and you will cry because it’s too cute

No matter what anyone says, cats are not aloof overlords who look down on us from above. Okay, they are, but at the same time cats can be loving and tender beings when someone needs comfort.

And Mika, the kitten, is a little cat who still has more love than reserve. In fact, this fluffy kitten has love for everyone, including animated characters.

Mika loves her family, both humans and her furry cat siblings. She is the smallest of them, but she may have the biggest heart. And their playful antics often keep their family’s attention, which is their favorite thing!

One of Mika’s people, Nuzair, said to The Dodo, “She is very fond of attention and she never stops resting.”

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Kittens get emotional too

But one day when Nuzair sat down to watch a Disney movie on his computer, Mika decided that she wanted to take a rest and watch too. She crawled onto the desk and began to look, fascinated by the animation. Nuzair got the idea to see Mika on the screen like this.

“I thought about playing the Mufasa death scene [from ‘The Lion King’] because I remember seeing some videos on YouTube of dogs crying during this scene, ”explained Nuzair.

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He knew his kitten’s tendency to comfort others and was curious to see if their empathy would spill over into the land of fantasy. Choosing a Disney movie turned out to be an excellent choice. As we all know, Disney knows how to feel!

“At first she was distracted by the noise of the speakers, but when she settled in I started filming it.”

Seeing poor Simba’s plight when Mika tried to wake the dead Mufasa, Mika rushed to the computer and started scratching the screen. Nuzair watched with his mother and said, “We were really surprised that this happened. The scene is very emotional and Mika tries to comfort Simba and hits her hard. “

“I was impressed, but at the same time very sad to see that.”

u / its_nzr / Reddit

But it seems Mika has recovered from the emotional blow faster than the rest of us, Nazir told Reddit, “Fortunately, she slept afterward.”

When Mika woke up from her nap, she was having fun with her toys and playing hard like cute and silly kittens should!

And when you need more animals enjoying Disney movies, check out the AnimalswatchDisney Lounge on Reddit!

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That’s what my kitty did when she saw the Lion King. by aww

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