Kitten from the street finds family cat to hold onto and determined to win him over

One kitten was determined to win the heart of a family cat after being saved from life on the street.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

A 5 month old orange kitten was found on the streets of Los Angeles along with several other cats. The Friends for Life Rescue Network stepped into action and got them to safety.

Allie Malin came across a rescue post that was looking for volunteers to take care of the cats. “I immediately applied to be a caregiver and I was approved and got a picture of this adorable orange cat with ruffled ears.”

She picked up the kitten the next day and was immediately impressed by the little guy. The tabby named Lyric was a love bug from the start and quickly settled in his new place as if he’d been there all his life.

It wasn’t long before the cat noticed that there was another cat in the residence.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Lyric could smell another cat through the gap under the door and began to meow enthusiastically. Allie’s house cat Marley heard the screams and came to investigate. He was curious but vigilant, trying to find out who was making all the fuss.

As soon as the door opened, the orange tabby walked straight to Marley and insisted on a meet and greet. Marley wasn’t so sure about this overzealous kitten at first and turned to save some personal space.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

He was reluctant to share his house with another feline roommate, but Lyric was persistent and didn’t take no for an answer.

The playful, wild ginger boy followed Marley around the house. He repeated Marley every time he made a noise, mimicking his every move, entertaining him with his silliness, and even wrapping his cock around him for a hug.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

Wanting to be a part of everything Marley did, the kitten huddled next to him to force a cuddle. Marley began to tolerate the kitten, who had no idea of ​​privacy or boundaries. Before he knew it, the kitten began to grow on him.

“When I first saw him cuddle with Marley after just two days of first meeting, I knew he would stay with us forever,” Allie told Love Meow. “They bonded as quickly as it seemed and I realized I had to adopt him.”

Allie Malin @marleymalin

The orange tabby (now renamed pumpkin) officially became a regular part of the family and Marley’s most loyal sidekick. He went on to join his beast and show him how to play like a kitten again.

Check out the two kittens in this cute video:

Marley and Pumpkin Best Friends

“Pumpkin is wild, fun, and cuddly. One second he’s running around playing like crazy, and the next he’s purring and cuddling like a darling,” said Allie.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

Their bond really developed in just two weeks – they do everything together and are always in each other’s field of vision.

“They love to fight and chase each other. They play peek-a-boo around corners and get into trouble together. They love to make plans together to get into their treat bags and through the trash go, “Allie shared with Love Meow.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

Now Allie has two kittens who wake her up every morning and sing the cutest duet in the kitchen for breakfast.

Pumpkin larger than life personality rubs against his big brother.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

“Marley tries his best to keep up with Pumpkins kitten energy. When they’re done playing, they love to cuddle and groom each other.”

Allie Malin @marleymalin

They fight and wrestle, but they always put on makeup and cuddle. The two best friends have become an inseparable couple in a short time.

Pumpkin worships his big brother and follows him like his shadow.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

The former street cat loves his VIP life with his partner in mischief. Together they fill their home with constant joy and laughter.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

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