Kitten Found on Busy Road Climb onto the Savior’s shoulder and her life is forever changed

A stray kitten curled up on a rescuer’s shoulder after being found on a busy road.

Holly @pawsofoz

Holly Brookhouser, an Arkansas animal rescuer and carer, was shopping for groceries last Thursday when she came across a post from her local Facebook group. A tiny stray kitten needed rescue.

One man saw the kitten try to cross a main street with heavy traffic. “She ran under his car so he stopped, grabbed her, and rushed home,” Holly told Love Meow.

The guy turned to social media hoping that someone better equipped could give the kitten a home. Holly, pausing after several tosses, immediately stepped in to help.

Holly @pawsofoz

That day happened to be the second anniversary of Holly’s adopted son Marcelo. “I thought we were going to celebrate this day by saving this baby!”

She contacted the finder and offered to have the kitten fully examined before she was home forever. When she picked up the little ball of fluff, Marcelo, who was a great help to Holly’s foster kitten, beamed with joy.

Holly @pawsofoz

“Marcelo was so eager to hold her when we got in the car! I told him to name her and come up with a really good name for a girl,” shared Holly Love Meow.

“He thought for a long time. Then he said ‘Appleseed!’ with a big cheesy smile and that was it! “

Marcelo home with the kitten and his best friend Mini, the dogHolly @pawsofoz

The little kitten was about 5-6 weeks old and a little underweight. She was instantly a cuddle bug and rose quickly up Holly’s shoulders.

“Appleseed curled up and slept on my shoulder for the rest of the drive home.”

Holly @pawsofoz

You have set up a comfortable area for the kitten and everything is tidy. Appleseed scoured every nook and cranny of her new dig, peeling off whatever food she could pack into her tiny body.

She was so happy to have a roof over her head, away from the noise and busy traffic.

Holly @pawsofoz

That night, the cute cat fell asleep with a full stomach in a comfortable, warm bed.

See Appleseed the kitten in this cute video:

Appleseed the kitten

“She was a bit crazy about noises and would hide, but not for long. Since she is an only child, I took her to an area in our kitchen / dining area where she is safe behind some clear panels but can see us and can’t feel so alone, “added Holly.

In just a few days, Appleseed has really blossomed and her personality begins to develop.

Holly @pawsofoz

“She’s only been here 3.5 days but her sassy demeanor comes out and she feels like the queen of her corner of the room,” Holly told Love Meow.

Appleseed may be tiny, but oh so powerful!

Holly @pawsofoz

She loves her cat apartment and the sun platform by the window. When someone comes to her corner for a visit, she comes running and greets them with her paws and a large kattitude.

The tiny panther cat still has a lot to do, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality.

Holly @pawsofoz

The cute kitten is enjoying playtime with her foster family and loves their selection of cat toys. She likes to roll on her back to rub her stomach and is always curious and adventurous.

Appleseed enjoys having a dog buddy around to guard her kitty fortress and keep her company. She is a great climber who is constantly improving her feline skills.

Holly @pawsofoz

Appleseed is thriving on the street and living its VIP life. She has a great future ahead of her.

Holly @pawsofoz

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