Kitten found flowers in beautiful cat alone outside and finds friend for life

A kitten found outside alone has turned into a beautiful kitten.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

A Good Samaritan from Ontario, Canada, discovered a newborn kitten crying all alone on the sidewalk. The mother cat was nowhere to be found and the kitten was in need of rescue.

Mellissa, the founder of Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue, immediately offered to help. She began bottle-feeding the kitten around the clock and brought the tiny ball of fur back from the edge.

At the time, Mellissa also had a nursing cat in her care. She hoped that the mother cat would adopt the new baby and provide the much-needed maternal love.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

Little newborn Janie was born with a fever coat, which can occur if the mother cat has a high fever or is stressful during pregnancy. The true colors and markings of the fur continue to emerge as the kitten develops.

With round-the-clock feeding and a convenient incubator to sleep in, the little warrior perked up and gained weight.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

Mellissa began to count the days until she could introduce the kitten to her surrogate mother.

Earlier this month, Mellissa rescued a pregnant stray dog ​​and helped her give birth to a healthy litter of four children. One of them named Jasmine quickly stood out for her adorable quirks and sweet manner.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

June, the mother cat, heard the screams of the new kitten from the next room and wanted to find her.

“As soon as I could safely introduce her, June accepted Janie as her own and had to lick and clean her for a good 10 minutes,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

Her own litter of kittens quickly went to the newcomer and began to snuggle up with her in a cuddly puddle filled with purrs. Jasmine immediately connected with the new sister and took her right under her wing.

She started washing her little face and showered her with love.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

Janie was drawn to her new cat siblings and was especially close to Jasmine. She snuggled up against Jasmine and even tried to clean her ears.

Jasmine kept her little sister in company and stayed by her side while her own siblings ventured out of the nest and wreaked havoc in the room.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

She watched over Janie and made sure she was never alone. Over the next few weeks, Janie learned to eat and drink like a big kitten, and her legs were strong enough to join the kitten fun.

Check out Janie and her journey in this cute video:

Kitten care trip

She copied everything Jasmine did when they played together and tried to keep up with the bigger kittens.

Janie and Jasmine had a delightful relationship from the start.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

There was never a dull moment when these two were together, doing antics, and scurrying around the place as if they owned it.

Little Janie looked like a tiny baby seal when her colors and markings appeared.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

The cute kitten continued to follow her sister Jasmine around the house. They gave each other a bath and plenty of naps and were always in sight of each other.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

When it came time to find her home forever, Mellissa knew that these two best friends could not be separated.

“Janie and Jasmine were meant to be ‘sisters’ from day one,” Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

A wonderful family came across their story and fell head over heels in love with the connected couple.

Last weekend the two sisters were adopted together and moved to their home forever. The kittens, now renamed Fauna and Flora, explored their new home and quickly settled down.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

As Janie (fauna) grew up, her true colors and markings gradually emerged in their full glory.

She has grown into a gorgeous tuxedo cat with the cutest little collar, tufted ears, and a pink toe bean.

Tiny but powerful kitten rescue

The two best friends have been inseparable since the day they met. Now they can spend the rest of their lives together in what they call home.

@Fauna and Flora

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