Kitten found alone on the street, takes to Tiny Tuxedo Cat, who was rejected by his mother

A ginger kitten found on the street linked to a tuxedo kitten rejected by its mother.


In early October, a kitten was seen on the streets of Liverpool, UK when some students came across the terrified little stray dog.

He was alone with no mother in sight and no one came to challenge him. The Good Samaritans took him to the RSPCA office in Wirral and Chester to live a better life. The scared little kitten was hungry, a little dirty, and needed a lot of TLC.

Anthony Joynes, an RSPCA inspector and animal rescuer, lovingly named the little bundle of fur Lennon after the street (John Lennon Drive) it was found on. The kitten was too young to be out alone, and if it hadn’t been found, it might not have made it through the night.


The ginger and white kitten warmed up quickly for its rescuers and felt so much better after getting a full stomach and a warm bed to sleep on.

When he arrived he was estimated to be four weeks old and had to be bottle-fed around the clock. Despite all the attention he received from his caretakers, the kitten longed for a constant companion.


Lennon was placed in the good hands of hardworking RSPCA staff, who at the time also looked after another tiny singleton.

A tuxedo kitten was just a newborn when it was alone without a mother’s love. His feral mother cat had no milk supply and refused him. The staff immediately came in to help so the kitten could be hand-reared every two hours.

The little kitten was brought back from the brink. He enjoyed the feeding time with his caretakers and always ate to his heart’s content.


Knowing that singletons could benefit tremendously from a friend, the staff decided to introduce the two kittens. They quickly grabbed each other and began to cuddle. It was love at first sight.

“We introduced him to Lennon when we were helping them feed both of them. The couple just hit it off,” said Kay Hawthorne, store manager, Love Meow. “They play together and cuddle together. They get along so well that it’s really cute.”

Kitten best friends, Lennon and RingoRSPCA

Lennon has since taken on the role of his tuxedo buddy ‘s big brother, aptly named Ringo, and will put his arms around him for cuddling.

Although Ringo is smaller, he can wrestle with the larger kitten and assert himself completely.


The kittens thrive with a buddy keeping each other company. In just two weeks they have doubled and tripled their energy.

When they’re not fighting in the game, they take a nap in an adorable cuddle puddle. The two best friends keep filling their room with the cutest purrs.


Lennon is getting more playful and wild every day and his buddy keeps up like a champion. The tuxedo boy has found his booth and is working to perfect his gait.

Check out the two friends in this cute video:

Two kittens best friends

Their friendship is special as they both came to the shelter as a single kitten and longed for a companion. Now they are inseparable like brothers.


“They both seem to be doing so well and with a little help from their friends they can get along in the store for sure,” said Kay Love Meow.

Lennon shares his toy with his best friend.


The ex-stray and his little partner in crime blossom into happy, playful kittens.


They love their VIP life with good food, warm beds and lots of cuddling.


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