Kitten discovers strange looking “cat” in the nursery and they become unexpected friends

A kitten spotted a strange looking “cat” in the nursery and they turned out to be the cutest of friends.

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

Two newborn kittens were found on the street without a mother. A good Samaritan took them to a local animal shelter because they were in dire need of care. The Orphan Kitten Club was then contacted and asked for help immediately.

Yige Zhao, Satellite Nursery Coordinator of the Orphan Kitten Club, took her to her kindergarten. The kittens were fed around the clock and placed in a cozy incubator to regulate their body temperature.

The little black kitten (Frodo) was the smaller of the two, weighing only 77 grams, and with proper care and nutritious food, they recovered quickly.

Sam and Frodo the kittensYige Zhao @fostersxyz

“They were so small that I initially wrongly sexed them and named them Frodo and Samwise, a dynamic duo from Lord of the Rings. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized they were both girls,” shared Yige with love Miau .

A few days later, Yige received a call about several orphaned pups that needed help. Your mother dog (rescued by The Animal Pad) unfortunately didn’t make it.

“The pups were born prematurely and looked very ‘rubbery’ because of the underdeveloped fur. They were transferred to the Orphan Kitten Club as we have experience caring for newborns.”

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

The kittens were placed in a kitten pen while the pups moved into their incubator. For the next week, the cat sisters could hear screeching screams in the background but couldn’t quite make out what they were.

A few weeks later Frodo was on her paws playing in the nursery when she noticed a strange looking “cat”, a loaf of fluff in the shape of a potato. It turned out to be one of the puppies named Ulrich, and he was very sleepy.

Frodo was a little hesitant at first, but had enough courage to sniff at bread.

Frodo the kitten and Ulrich the puppyYige Zhao @fostersxyz

“When she realized he was just a stupid poly potato, she decided it was safe to be friends,” Yige told Love Meow.

Frodo sat down next to the sleepy Ulrich and stepped closer to him from second to second. When Ulrich rolled onto his back, she took it as an invitation to cuddle.

Vocal Kitten and Sleepy PuppyYige Zhao @fostersxyz

She gently placed her paw on his chonky stomach before Ulrich turned lazily to her. They eventually fell asleep with paws together.

Two cuddly friendsYige Zhao @fostersxyz

Frodo seemed to know that this strange looking “cat” could use a cuddly love.

After a long cuddling session with her new buddy, she ran back to her sister Sam as if to tell her all about the new friend she’d made.

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

“Frodo is two weeks ahead of Ulrich in development, which is a perfect match for the time being. As soon as Ulrich gets bigger, he has to learn how to be a puppy by interacting with his puppy siblings Jonas and Charlotte,” said Yige Love Meow.

Check out the two friends in this cute video:

Kitten and puppy friends

“We enjoy every moment of this friendship as long as it lasts!”

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

The kittens’ playpen is right next to the puppies where they can see their sleepy dog ​​friends. The pups enjoy the kittens’ rumbling purrs, their cutest lullaby.

“Sam and Frodo are some of the happiest, most loving kittens we have ever cared for.”

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

Today the two sisters are five weeks old and their dog friends have all opened their eyes.

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

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