Kitten can’t resist following family dog ​​and scurrying home forever

Nobody can resist a fluffy orange kitten!

Not even a Basset Hound and his family walk the streets of Cleveland, OH.

And it turned out that a certain orange kitten named Pinot couldn’t resist the Nienaber family either. The kitten certainly knew the right family, as the connection resulted in an eternal home for a baby on the road.

Leslie and Jon Nienaber often take their dog for walks around town and check what is going on with the populous local cat. Between the wildcat colony in your neighborhood, the stray cats and the domestic cats, you will see many kittens. And one day the Nienabers met a cute kitten with the friendliest attitude ever.

ClevelandKitty / YouTube

Meet a new furriend

On this purrticular walk, Jon and his dog were strolling together as they took in the tiny orange-and-white shadow. Beaten by the kitten, Jon had to let Leslie know and when she shared with Love Meow, “He called me and told me he found this adorable little kitten who just looked like he wanted attention.”

Leslie grabbed something to eat and went to meet the trio. When she met him, she saw that Pinot was only a tiny thing, but he was ready for a great adventure.

“He stuck his head through a little chain link fence and followed Jon and me as we left! He seemed determined to stay with us, ”Laura said.

Pinot’s little paws followed the Basset Hound’s waving tail and darted with his new friends. When they got to the end of the street, Leslie knew they would take the kitten home with them.

ClevelandKitty / YouTube

“When I brought it home it was really dirty and I tried to clean it as best I could. He seemed hungry. “

Find your home forever close by

But Pinot could only be a passing guest as the couple already had the dog and three cats at home. It turned out that Pinot’s home was not far from the Nienabern forever. When Leslie’s sister Sarah heard about the orange and white kitten that needed a home, she picked up Pinot the next day.

“I admit it was really hard to betray Pinot – he was just that brave, determined little soul who wanted to survive and was the cutest kitten we’d ever seen. It made me really happy that my sister took him in because I knew I would watch him grow and always be able to visit him. “

Image courtesy Love Meow

Leslie is certain that Pinot would have died if they hadn’t met him on the street that day. But with her sister, Pinot would always be safe, because Laura said: “My sister Sarah was seriously an angel.”

Everything grows up

Pinot is a pretty cat now, his kitten days are behind him. But he still enjoys the silliness of youth by hanging out in boxes, scouting closets, and taking off his mother’s Q-tips.

Image courtesy Love Meow
Image courtesy Love Meow

“He’s obsessed with Q-Tips to the point Sarah found them all over her bathroom and loves bird watching from her apartment window.”

Image courtesy Love Meow
Image courtesy Love Meow

Thanks to a chance encounter on the street, Pinot is a happy crush who only leads the good life!

You can catch more kittens from Cleveland on YouTube and Instagram.

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Feature Image: ClevelandKitty / YouTube & Image courtesy of Love Meow


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