Kitten can’t hold back his excitement after it’s found and now has the perfect companion he always wanted

A shy stray kitten turned out to be a ball of energy and found the cutest friend he ever wanted.

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

A family from Texas came across a tiny orange kitten wandering the streets without a home. They picked him up and quickly noticed that he was a little different.

The family reached out to their local rescue, Murphy’s Safe Haven, when they discovered the kitten would need more medical attention than they could afford. “Theodore (the kitten) was born with a cleft lip and hydrocephalus. Thankfully, his palate is intact and free of deformities,” shared Audrey of Murphy’s Safe Haven Love Meow.

“He was a bit shy at first, but came out of his shell very quickly.”

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

With proper care, they got his medical problems under control. A few days later, the little man’s personality blossomed and he was no longer the calm little kitten they’d met the first day.

As soon as he regained some strength in his tiny body, he turned into a ball of unbridled energy and just wanted to play the whole time.

Theodore the kitten Audrey in Murphy’s Safe Haven

Audrey knew how much he longed for a playmate and was looking for another kitten his age. “It ran 24/7 so I was hoping a friend would tire it.”

Then they came across a kitten named Tiny from a local animal shelter that needed to be rescued. “Tiny was a single lonely kitten and had the same problem as Theodore – he was so energetic and had no one to play with. I knew it would be perfect,” Audrey told Love Meow.

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Tiny the kitten Audrey in Murphy’s Safe Haven

They brought Tiny home to take care of her, and immediately the two little mischief-makers hit it off and started creating all sorts of antics around the house.

“They got into trouble all the time, every chance they could get. Everything got better with the days.”

Cleft lip, best friends, kittens, orange tabby

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

Now the two are inextricably linked at the hips. They’re doing everything together. Theodore follows his best friend around the house, trying to pounce and wrestle his tail.

Tiny has become very caring for his buddy and cuddles with him when he takes a nap.

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

“Sometimes Tiny tries to act like a parent and take care of Theodore like his baby,” Audrey told Love Meow. “He’s going to grab toys and call Theodore so he can play with them.”

Tiny protects his little brother from another mother while he sleeps.

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

When they take Theodore to the vet for a checkup, Tiny insists on going along. They share a very special bond, and Tiny was Theodore’s greatest cheerleader.

“Tiny decided to take Theodore to the vet for moral support,” wrote Audrey.

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

Theodore was being treated for an infection in the mouth when he was taken to the vet yesterday. He’s now back to his normal self and his best friend Tiny is right by his side cheering him on.

“The doctor said it is likely that the position will make him have to pull his front teeth (as he gets older).”

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

The two kittens found themselves in foster families and quickly became best friends. Theodore is so happy to have Tiny as his constant support and companion.

Audrey at Murphy’s Safe Haven

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