Kitten begins to thrive when another cat takes her under his wing

A kitten found alone outside began to thrive when an orange cat took her under his wing.

Orphanage Montreal

A tortoiseshell kitten was seen walking the streets with no mother or siblings. She was taken to a shelter in Montreal, Canada and was in need of rescue. The tortoiseshell was all skin and bones and weeping incessantly for attention.

Shelter volunteers have reached out to local rescue workers in hopes of providing the kitten with a nursing home she deserves. As soon as Chatons Orphelins Montréal agreed to take her, they arranged transportation and took her safely to the rescue.

The little kitten named Ellie was very busy. She was picked up by a volunteer nurse so she could work on weight gain in the comfort of a loving home.

The tortoiseshell was eager for company and cried every time she was alone.

Orphanage Montreal

“She was very small and fragile and was closely monitored by her foster family. They made sure that she gained weight every day and provided extra feedings around the clock,” said Chatons Orphelins Montréal Love Meow.

As Ellie continued to progress, her tortittude began to show up. She was determined to always have a companion, as if she never wanted to be alone again. With antibiotics, nutritious food, and plenty of DC, the kitten made a full recovery.

Orphanage Montreal

“She got lively and curious and had the strength to run around and explore,” said the rescue. “She’s a little purring machine and likes to put her paws on us when we’re working. She will look after her people and doesn’t want to be left out.”

Ellie stubbornly had a regular mate and didn’t want to take no for an answer. Rescue thought they might have the perfect solution for them.

Orphanage Montreal

A few weeks before Ellie’s arrival, a kitten named Maui was brought to the rescue with his sister. Maui was in poor shape and very small for its age. His growth had slowed for health reasons, and he needed intensive care to get back on his paws.

His sister grew tall and strong, and was eventually adopted with another kitten she got close to. In the meantime, Maui still had something to heal and catch up with.

Orphanage Montreal

Despite being 1.5 months older, Maui was about the same size as Ellie. Rescue decided to bring them together so they could have a friend to play and cuddle with.

It was love at first sight when the two kittens crossed. After a meet-and-greet through the nose, they quickly hit it off and started playing together as if they had always been friends.

Orphanage Montreal

“They do not come from the same litter, but behave like brother and sister”, shared the rescue with Love Meow. “Maui and Ellie are so cute and loving. They love to get people’s attention and hug each other.”

Maui, the orange tabby, has healed well and has taken the Tortie girl under his wing. When they’re not hopping around the house, they’ll most likely be snuggled together like two peas in a pod.

“They cuddle all the time and do everything together. If one of them takes a nap, the other will follow suit and they will start grooming and snuggling together.”

Maui loves its little sister and showered her with love and cuddles. Ellie looks up at him and enjoys being wrapped in his big paws.

Orphanage Montreal

The two have developed a strong bond and cannot be separated.

“They are looking for a special family who will bring them home together and cherish them forever,” added the Rescue.

Orphanage Montreal

Ellie no longer feels lonely with her big brother, who keeps her busy and loves her down to the smallest detail.

Orphanage Montreal

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