Kat Dennings and cat lovers on social media offer perfect cat life hacks

Living with cats certainly presents us with the need to adapt in order to keep the ever-changing moods of our precious kittens happy and content.

Think about it, there is certainly one cat-oriented task that you do on a regular basis that requires some adjustment to make the job as easy and clam free as possible. Because as we know, life with cats can be chaotic, but we don’t mind. Cat parents simply roll their cat fur and make the most of every situation. Thor star Kat Dennings is just like us when it comes to figuring out how to make cat grooming a breeze.

Dennings recently presented us with Cat Life Hack Gold. In an Instagram story with a perfect infomercial vibe, she revealed an ingenious way to save your long nails from opening lids for cat food cans.

Courtesy Allure via Kat Dennings

“Good morning. Are you a person with long nails, but you also have a cat that eats food? Hello. I’m Kat Dennings. And this is a hack for you.”

Which cat parent hasn’t broken or shredded a nail under one of these metal rings?

“Go into one of your drawers and take out a small hair clip. I know you have one – we all do. “

Denning held up a snap clip we’ve all had since the first few days trying to keep hair out of our faces, then demonstrated how to slide the hair clip under the can tab to break the ring and open the can.

Courtesy Allure via Kat Dennings

“It’s the perfect curved shape. Slides right under it. Boop! “

And her long red nails look just as beautiful as they did before you fed them and your cat is happy and full!

@ katdenningsss / Instagram

Denning’s amazing cat life hack isn’t the only one found on social media, however. Check out these cat life hacks from cat fanatics online!

Cat Life Hacks

Readers know that a cat’s fight always falls on a book, but the Dutch rescue cats’ cat minions offer their kittens a lure book so that everyone wins.

@ dutch_rescue_cats / Instagram

Your cat never wanted to sit on her lap, so this mom cat got smart with a box that no cat can resist!

@lolaandgeorge / TikTok

When it comes to taking cute cat pictures, cat photographer Andrew Marttila suggests: “lLots of crumpled objects, strange noises and toys. “

@ iamthecatphotographer / Instagram

If you have multiple cats, feeding time can be a little tricky at times, but with a simple dollar compartment tray, everyone gets their own serving!

@bellandpets / TikTok

Checkout the flower pot … a macrame lid keeps a curious cat out of the dirt, brilliant!

@ / Instagram

Missy, Berlioz and Lucy’s parents came up with a smart way to deal with the chase of cat litter, a fake mat of grass!

@ gday_gutentag_and_meow / Instagram

For cats who prefer privacy, make your own covered litter box with a plastic tub …

@ Haushacker / TikTok

Bailey had a bad habit of opening the door every night. According to his motherNothing would stop him … until I decided to put the tape off. ”

@ / Instagram

Because cats like our laptops as much as we do, especially when we use them, give your cat their own computer!

@ chriscudal93 / TikTok

And this father cat offers an excellent cat life hack with the hood of your hoodie …

@yesweskate / TikTok

And when you have put on the hoodie and settled down, cuddle your cat in the hood …

@yesweskate / TikTok

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Feature Image: Allure via Kat Dennings & @ katdenningsss / Instagram


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