Items you will need for fishing with your kids

The wonderful world of fishing requires a little bit of navigation. If you want to fish with your kids it definitely helps to have a roadmap! Here are some simple things to keep in mind when fishing your kids.

The ultimate equipment list for fishing with kids

Sunscreen and hat

Get yourself a cute little kid’s fishing hat! You can decorate it with your kids to help them make it their own.

Life jacket

This is important for boating and the docks as children are known to fall into the water. Even on the river, currents can quickly sweep children away.


We love bringing gummy worms and fish crackers.

Fishing license (for adults and children, depending on the region)

Different age groups require different licenses in each state, but most are easily purchased online. Consult the rules for your area to determine what you need to fish with children legally.

Tackle Box (with fun things like children’s bait)

Make sure you have the right type of fish bait in your area. Chatting with experts at your local outdoor store is a great way to achieve this.

Kid Pole

A huge bar is not a pleasant experience for a young child. Make sure you get a kid’s fishing rod that is the right size for them.


Get a cooler that is small and easy to carry along with the other gear kids might need. Ideally, you want to be able to build it into a small boat. We don’t usually catch a TON of fish with children so light and compact is ideal.

With a little planning and the right expectations, fishing with kids can be a lot of fun. Remember that fishing with children is supposed to be a pleasant experience that will help them get used to getting out of there. Have fun!


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